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    Default Niche tourism to the fore

    Phileas Fogg, the protagonist of the novel, Around the World in Eighty Days could travel across the world in less than three months. But will there be anyone to follow this model of quick adventure travelling at present? Surely, not many will be there. The trends in the tourism industry have changed a lot recently and instead of hurrying through a lot of countries in a short period of time, the tourists now prefer to explore one part of a country in its entirety and enjoy its beauty to the maximum.

    The tour operators and those who work in the tourism and hospitality sectors have risen up to the new trends in the sector and have modified and updated their travel plans accordingly. Pre-packed holiday packages in which a large group of tourists are taken to many `conventional tourism spots’ has lost its lure nowadays. Instead, niche tourism which focuses on particular elements of a country like religious tourism, cultural and heritage tourism, wild life tourism, eco tourism etc finds many takers.

    Kerala is one of the places which modified its approach to the tourism according to the changing trends. The tourism authorities and various tour operators here came up with Ayurveda tourism, which satiates the traveller in all the visitors along with providing them an Ayurvedic experience. set up at various places in the State support this tourism trend to a great extent
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