I am a 40 something year old lady who has only used Pure Instinct for 2 years with results. When I googled pheromones and found out that there are stronger and better quality ones I decided to buy some. I love to read reviews and hear what other ladies find useful. Before I found this site I fell for the marketing hype of Pherozone and bought some, then I read what others say about it and regret that purchase. While it smells nice as a cologne the one time I wore it I didn't get any response. I even put my wrist up to ask a guy what he thought of it and no response other than it smells nice. I did get some Scent of Eros and have yet to try it. After I found this site I have purchased Liquid Trust, Realm, the women's sampler, PCC and the Mistress sample from here. I can't wait to try them all out.

I would love to hear what other women find to work the best especially women in my age group because I know that might make a difference since we have less natural pheromones.

So please educate me on the best products.