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    Question (Bruce) Full product never really had the same impact as the samples. why is that??

    Hello Bruce and guys, its bin a

    while since I last posted here. However I do read other threads and keep watch on what’s happing in the mones


    Last time I ordered any product is when I went from sample

    packs to the full products. I must say Bruce I never have seem to replicate the experiences I had when I wore the

    samples packs, I have tried many doses and even tried to overdose on couple of occasions but never really had the

    same impact as the samples,

    From my experience I personal believe

    that the samples are more effective compare to the full product. When I had overdose on the sample and wore too much

    I can really feel people where distant and on the offensive and when I wore just the right amount people where

    chatty, touch and more friendly. Compare to the full products whether I wore large amount or small amount it’s

    really not as effective.

    The two products I’m talking about are

    S.O.E and T.E, I have tried from 1, 2, 3 or even 4 sprays from T.E but I hardly notice any difference. But I would

    wore 1/3 of the sample and I would be good to go and I can feel the difference, I keep all my mones in cool dry

    condition and away from direct sunlight.. I’m just wondering are the full product more diluted then the samples

    hence why the less weak?

    In the future I think I am just going to

    order the samples I just hope they as good as the ones I ordered in the past

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    Are you talking about gel packs?

    They seem harder to dose to me, so it could have been that you applied more from the gel than the spray.


    sprays of TE is a lot. I never go over 2. Maybe gel just works better for you?

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    Depending upon my target goals i usually spread the use of an Edge gel pack to 3

    or 4 uses.

    It may be a consideration that the gel

    pheromone carrier its self may be well designed to spread the application and diffuse the pheromones in an optimal

    and efficient manner, and thus comes a superior result, and considering that many new pheromone users will purchase

    these first as a pheromone trial it would be in the best interest of the manufacturers to have these gels to perform

    in as efficient manner as possable.
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    There are a lot of factors involved

    here. First of all quality control with those two products is good; particularly with the Edge. The amount of

    pheromones in Edge bottles is precisely what it is supposed to be. That said, wow, 4 sprays is nearly always going

    to be waaaaaaaay too much. I don't think I'd be able to sleep with that much on. I am quite sure you are dealing

    with an OD that is going to take a few showers to correct.

    So, I am quite certain you can replicate the amount

    of pheromones with the bottle with a little practice, but there are a couple of other factors. First, there is

    something sort of mysterious about using the gel packets. I think it is the amount and nature of the gel, but I end

    up smearing the contents over a very wide area of my body, arms chest etc. It has a certain intoxicating effect

    with me; possibly some absorption going on; not sure. Secondly, the Edge gel packets are also different in the

    way they disperse the sandalwood fragrance. Again, not sure why, but I like the sandalwood far better when using

    the gel packets.

    I can assure you, the pheromone content is everything promised though; especially with


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