I've now used this combo on three occasions and definitely noticed a change every time.
I'm attractive, in

my early thirties, always get lots of attention from men but as usual want that one man who doesn't want me - my

I've recently had the chance to spend a bit more time with him and decided to try my luck with the above

mentioned combo.
I have now worn it three times and each time he was ridiculously friendly with me, hugging me all

the time, complimenting me, being all sweet and loving... Which he generally is anyway but never like this.

worn half a gel pack of SOE, a dab of NPA and a bit of EW (I have the old beta version so I'm not sure how

I think the SOE has been the main reason for such results because I've worn just EW around him before and

the results were always "inconclusive".
I've been afraid to use too much NPA but might start using a bit more

slowly because I want the "hits" to become a bit more sexual.
Oh and btw, two of the times I saw him we were out in

a group with a bunch of his friends, mainly the same, alpha male types, very attractive, very popular, very

promiscuous... And they too were all over me! They were extremely friendly, talked to me all the time, seemed really

happy to have me there basically. So I'd say the mones definitely had something to do with that because they're

usually a bit more reserved around me because of the history with my ex.
Anyway, that's what I've noticed so far.

Will keep you posted...