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    Default How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

    I'm Irish-American, so every day is St. Patrick's Day in our house. We play a lot of Irish music

    (LOVE the High Kings!), use a lot of Irish expressions, bless everything, and eat Irish-American food. On St. Pat's

    Day we get a little more goofy and wear green and decorate the house. I would love some new, fresh ideas for making

    the day (or the whole month) special.
    What do you do to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
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    Talking Celebrate

    Wow, sounds fun! I love Celtic music!! I don't have any super new ideas...but maybe you could

    learn a new song, dance, poem, instrument, or recipe. At an Irish cultural festival - there are workshops on all

    kinds of things like - the history of the Irish language, decorating leather with celtic knots, hurling, harps,

    basket weaving, & genealogy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovely100 View Post
    I love Celtic music... dance, celtic knots, hurling, harps,

    I usually leave SPD to the Irish, and for good reason. Dancing to Celtic music ties me into

    Celtic knots, and the only time I practice hurling is after too many Harps.

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    I used to make my living playing

    Irish music on the fiddle. I was absolutely crazy about the fiddle and the music in those days. I think I spent

    the entire Spring Summer and Fall in Ireland for 7 consecutive seasons. Since then, other passions have overtaken

    me I suppose. Back in the "good old days" St. Paddy's Day meant non-stop gigs for a week or so.

    Kevin Burke

    and the Bothy Band were a couple of my favorites to listen to in those days.

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