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    Default So what does an expensive watch say about you?

    To paraphrase a radio/print ad I keep encountering...

    "So what does an expensive watch say about


    The company pushing the ad is of course trying to sell big-buck watches (based on ego I'm sure...), but

    ladies and gents, what DOES an expensive watch say to you?

    No I never really thought much about em. In fact I

    hardly ever even notice someone's wrist watch, unless it's some gleaming hunk of flashy metal and jewels, and then

    I usually have a "what an exhibitioninst" reaction (or "ewww, what were they thinking" reaction). What ever the

    reaction, it isn't a positive one. At least for me.

    But then again I sometimes run across some article on "what

    to look for in a guy or girl" or "what to wear to lure that hot guy or girl" that suggests dropping some large

    amount of your savings on such a piece. And much to my complete suprise, I not long ago had a conversation with a

    woman who actually had "wears an expensive watch" on her list of what counts when she was looking for a guy.

    (However I should also point out that she is nearing retirement and still single...).

    Me? I'm happy as all get

    out with my $35USD digital Timex. Even Presidient Clinton wore a Timex Ironman watch (also about $35). And we know

    he got a girl or two (right Monica?).

    So what all do the rest of you out there think? Especially in this age of

    grabbing a cell phone to check the time rather than glancing at a wrist (or pulling out the pocket watch).


    what watch someone wears make any difference to you?

    Does wearing a certain type of watch seem to affect how

    others react to you?

    Do those feelings relate to how you react in a "business" sense, a "dating/mating" sense,

    neither, or both?

    So take a little TIME and let us know.
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    Some call watches 'male

    jewellery' as they one of the few items that we can adorn ourselves with. It may be a way of expressing

    individuality. There are only a few extra items like tie pins/studs.

    I am puzzled by the popularity (in the UK)

    of watches with a stopwatch function (chronograph ?). Some cool dudes like big Rolex Daytonas with this function but

    they are hard to get.

    I asked in a Jewellery shop what people used the chronograph function for & he replied

    'Timing eggs ..'

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    Its jewelry. For men and women oddly enough. A fair number of people hang in groups where the other people within the group will comment on things like your watch, your car, the neighborhood you live in etc. Its a status symbol as much as many other things. Yhe ability to spend more on a watch than a family of four earns on a month says "I have arrived" in some peoples world.
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    I live in the land of knock-offs, and they're pretty good. Status is King and a fake is as good as the real thing.

    Like anywhere else in the world, the observer of bling is as deep as the importance she places on such things. If a watch, or car, or house matters too much you're likely to matter much less.

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