i'm getting

lotsa hits from old ladies, i'm not sure what it is,.. but the oldies seem to be the only ones that i'm getting

any reaction from when wearing chikara. as much as i enjoy the company of old ladies (in a 'give me a cookie'

way), i didn't get mones to gain cookies...

i've got chikara (obviously), alpha7 and primal instinct.


6ft tall, asian, i'll rate myself a solid 6.5 in looks (maybe a 7). muscular (power lifter frame). I'm going to

grow my hair again since people are telling me i look too intimidating when shaved. I'm in australia as well, so

it's the white girls that i'm working my game on.

women look at me, not in a flirty way but they can sense me

around. I don't know what they're thinking but I think I look hard to approach. so in that combo i have, what

should i be using?

is there a list of nol or none or whatever you guys have been talking about for each product

and their effects?