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    Default Phun with Pheromax - Newb

    Phun with Pheromax
    Good Afternoon to Everyone. I’m new on the forum – 30 years

    old female – Northeast Region. People’s Republic of Massachusetts to be specific. I noticed that there wasn’t a

    lot of write up here on the pheromax product but I decided to roll the dice and give it a try anyways. Well ladies,

    I can say even though this might be a higher priced product it is very effective.

    I’ve been

    using pheromone products on an off probably for the last ten years or so. Basically my experience started with the

    realm scents and Athena (don’t bother) and worked it way through some of the higher end products. Lately though,

    I’ve been getting back into the phero products with more interest. One of my collegues is a hunter and his use in

    deer atractants is what propelled my re-interest back into the human pheros. In short, the hunter became my hunted.

    I work in a very male dominated enviroment. I’m one of a three women on the program. Work

    has become my laboratory, and breaktimes have become my petri dish for observing behaviors. Obiviously this is not

    recommended by the majority of the people here, however I’m bored with my job and need something to make my day go

    by with interest. Also it doesn’t hurt that my “hunted” and now conqured works with me.


    ordered a small sample 10ml of phermox and had much success with it. In fact the first time I used it, I got laid 5

    minutes later. I was expecting some suttle behavioral changes, not litterally being cornered and cavewoman dragged

    into the bedroom. I’ve also used this product on my male co-workers and I can say at breaktime the conversation

    goes from normal workstuff to completely in the gutter raunchy in no time. This happens on average about two

    minutes from when I sit down at the table and have a group of 10 males all within 6 feet. The doseage for me is

    usually about 1 squirt of the full 14 ml bottle size 30 minutes prior to breaktime. I have found that this product

    does fade out through out the day. I have found a need to reapply it after 8 hours or so. Pheromax is definetly a

    mood lifter. I can feel the different in my emotional level when I am wearing and not wearing it. I feel more

    upbeat and probably give off a greater sense of confidence while wearing it. How do the women react to it? Well,

    most of them have a nasty cat house like attitude anyways, so it’s hard to say around here. It’s really no

    different than before I started using it. Babies? Well I’ve had little tykes just run up to me at random and want

    me to pick them up. Apprently, pheromax is a very kid friendly product.

    I have had some

    luck with Victoria’s Secret heavenly as a coverup but it seems I get more compliment when I use the Inner Realm

    scent along with the pheromax. This might be due to the additional pheromones in the Inner Realm scent.One

    compliment I did get when I mixed the three – pheromox, EoW, and, Inner Realm is that my co-worker in his

    mid-fifites (an old sea dog) loved the perfume. I have had much success it seems with mixing the Pheromax, EoW, and

    Heavenly. Basically my lover goes buck wild and can’t take his hands off of me whether we are in the car, in the

    bedroom and one day – a bit to touchy feelly for the gun range. Being sexually charged and shooting off large

    firearms such as an SKS, PPK 9mm, and S&W 380 do not mix. He was very distracted sitting on the rest

    muttered things he wanted to do to me while trying to line up his scope on the target. Made for a very intersting


    I have also tried EoW in a stright format. My first time using this product

    was at home. Damn that crap stinks to high heaven. Had to air out the apartment after opening the bottle and stick

    the bottle itself into a ziplock bag. I couldn’t get over that nasty sensation that EoW can leave you with to the

    point where I had to take a shower after putting it on. A Little goes very far. My roomate complianed the the whole

    apartment smelled like a locker room. A couple of drops into a full bottle of perfume no more or else you will

    regret it. I’m sorry that I can’t give sppecifics on dosage or formats for receipes I’m still learning the whole

    phero stuff as I go along. I’m planning on getting the cucumber couplin based product soon and see how that effects

    the behavior of those around me.

    Thank you again to the Admins for turning on the posting

    permisssions for me.


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    Smile Great Feedback!

    Wow, good story! Thanks so much for your feedback!

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    Default Pheromax + EW Round 2.


    today was my hunter's last day at my company so I wanted to turn things up a notch and get a little noticed. Of

    course I wanted a little attention when he got his goodbye hug.

    Heavenly +2 sprays pheromax, plus a little

    EW/Heavenly on the wrist.

    The usually looks from the males and smiles, holding doors, etc. However a blanant

    pass from an older foreign Lebanonese woman who kinda looks like a dude was not wanted.

    In the lunch line

    today she came over as I was paying and whisperd in my ear, "God, child you look sexy today." Mind you I'm just

    wearing dark blue jeans, a sweater and boots. Nothing special or unusual. Maybe loosing 15 pounds helps, but still

    this was a weird occurance.

    Okay cutting it back to one spray pheromax now....damn, ick, yuck.

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    Wow, good reports. Thanks. Kind of

    funny, but I used to use pheromax for women back when it first came out. As you may have noticed it has some

    real-deal copulins in it and there was a lot of talk about that working for men. Pmax used to come in a cool little

    key chain spray back then, but there were too many problems with leakage.

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    Well Bruce I can say this

    pheromax stuff is a kick to play with. Going to have fun this weekend dressed to the 9s, and going out to dinner

    and some fru fru place.

    I didn't wear it for most of this week and people's behaviors were normal in the way

    that I'm kinda ignored. Nothing to make myself noticed. Just another Jane on the job.

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