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    Red face Bulk Purchase Discounts...?

    I'm buying from outside the US and therefore I always buy a lot of products at once.
    I've been buying from LS

    for a long time now and trust & appreciate you guys very much

    I always use the super combos or coupons

    provided by LS, but this time I was wondering...
    I'm about to buy 6 to 8 products at once... Is there any chance I

    can get a special discount? I.E. a super combo of my own if you will...?

    If it helps, this is the list of product

    I'm about to buy:

    I'm not sure yet if I'll make the delivery through LS, or ask you guys to deliver

    to a place in the US which will send it to me in Israel along with some other products (from other online stores in

    the US). If you can write this down in such a way that will help me not have to pay a lot of taxes when it gets to

    Israel, then I'll probably prefer your shipment. The other place is legitimate and called


    I hope this is enough information and that you can grant me a

    discount that'll make buying so many products at once easier for a student as myself

    All the best

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