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Thread: od experience

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    Unhappy od experience

    I'm getting back into the

    world of mones after a break for a while, but as thay say a funny thing happened at the office...
    Well, it wasn't

    that funny really.
    I only use about half a pea size of TE gel on my wrist and cover with cologne about once a week

    or so. Turns out when I fold my arms it rubs off onto my shirts and hangs around for days, that sort of explains why

    I need to wear so little at the moment. (I'm a fairly hairy dude and seem to pump out a fair amount of natural

    mones anyway, but that's another story)
    At work yesterday nobody would talk to me, look me in the eye or even

    really acknowledge I was there. Took me a while to figure out what was happening but am glad I did. The issue was

    that I haven't used any mones for about 5 days or wore that shirt for around 2 weeks, I just figured I'd be

    So I'm currently doing a hot wash / soak with an oxygen bleach to all my shirts, hope that fixes


    Happened to anyone else?
    early 40's white male or or

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    HAHA, happens to me on a

    daily basis. The best is when you are in college, and the professor passes out an exam to everyone except me, then I

    actually have to up to him to get it. Then the professor says "Oh I am sorry I did not see you" LMAO. Good thing you

    weren't around a fragile individual...
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    Welcome back. I know I

    responded to your thread, I can even remember most of what I wrote. I guess I got distracted and didn't hit the

    post button or something.

    Growing up with pheromones in the orient, I've always been careful/conservative with

    dosages, but I did have a problem one summer on vacation in the SW US. I had applied sandalwood Edge to my armpits.

    Felt very exhilarating first thing in the morning, but after a hot sweaty day; got very ripe. Took a couple of

    showers to get it off my pits alone. Not sure what I did with my t-shirt.
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    I am just the beginner

    I have had similar experience. I applied mones on my neck for a few weeks, and we have a cold winter in Poland

    so I wore a muffler on my neck as well. The other day I got terrible headache and it lasted for a few days until I

    finally realised it was a muffler of mine which was soaked with mones

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