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    Default The Prize

    There was a Billionaire

    who had a private lake behind his $20 million dollar home. In the middle of the lake was a small island with a

    bridge that connected it to the mainland. This lake was gator infested (the Billionaire loved gators).
    One night

    he through a great bash on the back terrace. It was awesome with loud music and naked women. During the course of

    the suare' the Billionaire stood on the bridge and made an announcement: "Thanks for coming folks to my

    party! As you can see, this lake is filled with gators... I have decided to throw a contest to weed out the

    moochers. Who ever has the balls to swim to the island without getting ate will have the choice of three prices. 10

    private jets, 100 of the most beautiful women in the world or 10 million dollars."

    Nobody moved... Next thing

    you know... "SPLASH!" John, (We'll call him John) one of the servants is swimming towards the island! He's

    punching and kicking the gators off of him... getting his cloths ripped to shreds! Finally he makes it. He's all

    bleeding, breathing hard and dead-ass tired. The Billionaire ran to him and said: "John! You did it! Now you have

    your choice of prize! Which one do you want? The 10 private jets?" John breathing hard said: "No." "Ok" said the

    Billionaire. "You want the 100 of the most beautiful women in the world?" "No." said the John. "Ohh" Said the

    Billionaire... "You want the 10 million dollars!" Again John said: "No." The Billionaire turned around and said: "If

    you don't want the jets, don't want the women and you don't want the money... What the hell do you want?!" John

    looked at him still breathing hard and said: "I want the somebitch who pushed me in!!!"

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    Default What would you do?

    What would you have wanted if you were the man pushed into the water in the story?

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    No brainer; I'd take the jets. A

    new Cessna Citation X goes for about $24 million. Sell 9 of them and spend the rest of your life flying around the

    world. Of course you'd want to give the guy who pushed you in a little reward of some sort.

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    Smile Prize


    might have been a woman who pushed him in! Someone else might have wanted some revenge instead of the reward!

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