i recieved my pack of chikara + alpha7 a few weeks ago. I am early 30s, asian, live/work in australia.

unfortunately when the pack arrived the bottle of chikara had leaked and left a very strong stink in my room. i

definately understand the results of OD, even on chikara. it's a very bitter scent, not like repulsive BO but

like you know something's not right in the area, i could taste it on my tongue. it's almost like tasting really

bitter crushed flowers. I took a picture (of the bottle, not my tongue..) and sent it to tammy, she said she will

replace the bottle which is cool, so i'm still waiting for that.

in the job i do, i am often in people's home.

there's always a awkard nervousness at the start since i'm bald, i'm asian and i'm 6ft 2".

using chikara,

women in their mid 20s, still find me awkard (probably more then without mones, this is based on a very small

census). women in their 30s awkardly stand very close to me and linger, it's a very confusing social experience

for both of us (because i'm in their home and it's my career..).

the older ladies though, above 50s and

especially about 60+ O M G. talk talk talk talk talk talk talk. i find out about their late husbands, about their

fathers, their entire family history, what their grand children are doing. blah blah blah blah blah. i've never

eaten so many cookies and drunk so much tea in 1 day in my life!. one old lady i had to do a job for was an obvious

racist. complaining about the middle eastern neighbours and the indians and the asians once she even said they

should all go home. but i was paid to be there, so i remained professional. she knew i was asian so that didn't

stop her, talk talk talk talk. i literally need to start moving to the door, shake hands, thank them for their

time and go go go.

i haven't tried alpha7 yet cos from what i read, the last thing i want to do is intimidate

anyone. especially in their homes.

so in summary, if you're going to a nursing home or hospital. DO NOT use

chikara!! i don't wear mones to work anymore...