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    Default can i add alpha-7 to an oil based cologne?

    I got a concentrated fragrance oil to add with my alpha 7 to mask the -none sharp and strong smell but

    i was wondering if it is a good idea ..i don't wanna ruin my A7 bottle so before doing that , i need some

    advice..and what would be a good ratio? is 1:1 good? lets say my proper dose of a7 is one drop in this case it will

    become 2 drops...I was trying now to mix a few amount only in a small empty bottle with a dropper and i got

    headache lol

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    It's probably OK technically

    speaking, but I wouldn't mix up your entire A7 bottle, just in case. I would use a separate empty.
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    I am a fan of using oil based

    cologne from small independant perfume houses instead of commercial fragrances because I don't like to smell like

    everybody else...

    What I find out is that I have to use a different amount for every different scent. For

    example, I need to use up to 3 drops for a very light scent, and only 1 drop for a very heavy scent.

    So, first

    dertimine how many drops of the perfume oil is optimal for you, then get the ratio from there!

    For example, if

    you use 1 drop of A7 everytime, and 3 drops of the perfume is optimal, then the ratio of mixing will be 3:1

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    It's much less risky if you

    simply keep the two in separate bottles and use the perfume oil to cover on your skin.

    Who knows, you may

    find a fragrance that you like more before you finish your bottle of A7.

    Don't mix, it's too risky.

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    Thanks guys !!

    by this 3:1 for example would mean 25 % of the bottle would be filled with a7 and 75% of the perfume oil? i think so

    because 75= 3x 25..then 4 drops of the new mixture would contain 1 drop of a7 and 3 drops of the perfume but what if

    the a7 smell was not covered i think i need to find while mixing, the smell that seems good for my nose and mix on

    that basis then i can find my sweet spot again with the new mixture but of course i will try them in a separate

    small bottle first as bruce said. Anyway i ordered some concentrated patchouli oil and cedarwood and bergamot to

    play with the smell ...I will try what Jaycee suggested because this oil is so concenrtaed and 1 drop might cover 1

    drop of a7. i will also try to apply the oil first then the perfume oil, maybe it will be more effective if the a7

    is on the top of my skin.Thanks guys for sharing your opinions

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    Hey purpleblood. Yes,

    25% of a bottle of A7 and 75% cover scent would be 3:1. But like Bruce said, I would NOT do that much. What if

    it turns out to be a disaster? 1/4 of a bottle down the drain.

    And it's hard to predict. When I got my first

    pheromones, I went out to the store and found a cologne I really liked. It smelled fine on me. I mixed it with The

    Edge, and even mixing enough cover scent to not smell like cat piss, it just smelled *different* from the cologne by

    itself, and not something I liked anymore. I had another cologne that I didn't like as much, but when mixed with TE

    it smelled alright.

    What I do now is just take a pipette and mix 0.25 mL (the smallest amount it measures) of a

    pheromone product, then mix in a cover scent, 0.25 mL first, then up it to 0.5 if it's not enough, etc. Shake well,

    and try it out. That way, I end up with anywhere from 0.5 to 1.5 mL total of a mix, depending o whether 1:1 is

    enough to cover the scent, or if I have to go all the way up to 5:1 to cover it (for something like NPA).


    make sure you document everything.
    (I have little labels that I can stick on an empty atomizer, and that peel off.

    I just write the mix down on it (like "0.25 mL TE; 0.75 mL SOE; 1.0 mL Cover"), and the pheromone content per mL or

    per spray or per drop or whatever (like "X mcg None; X mcg Nol; X mcg Rone"), then stick it on the atomizer, so I

    don't forget).

    Then if you find a mix you really like, you can go whole-hog and mix up a whole bottle

    afterwards. But test it out first so you don't waste your money.

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