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    Default No one ever says

    " i used such and

    such pheromone and i got laid like a politician at a porn convention that loved politicians"

    i mean, be honest,

    wasnt that the REAL AND HONEST reason why YOU first sought out pheromones in the first instance? it was for me,

    but, all the time i hear "she smiled at me and that doesnt usually happen" or "the waitress lingered around my

    table" so what!!!

    so i ask you this "if i buy a good sexual attractant pheromone,can i get laid with it? that's

    a brutal and blunt question,but ok,i have asked.

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    Default Testimonials

    Have you read the Testimonials? Some of them Describe Certain Products and Results that are

    more Explicit! Take a Look and Tell us what you can Find...which one Best Suites What You Are Looking For?

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