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    Default Can I post this in the pheromone discussion forum?

    I hope I'm not posting too much in too short of a time, especially since I'm a beginner and

    can only receive advice, not give any, but I'm just so fascinated by this stuff I can't help but want to ask a ton

    of questions. I read the post about forum rules and courtesy to see if asking my strange questions is appropriate

    there, but I'm still not sure whether or not they are not serious enough. Obviously most users at any given time

    are on that forum, and I'm guessing a lot of users never even view these other forums.

    Anyway, while I'm

    viewing these forums, I'm always being struck with these pointless, often bizarre questions. I am definitely

    sincerely curious (I'm an overly curious person anyway), but I don't think that necessarily means the content is

    serious enough for the pheromone discussion forum...or is it? See what I mean?

    I can't think of many now,

    but I've been very curious to know whether anyone in the past has ever experimented with EXTREME ODs. I'm talkin

    BIG time ODs. I know most people would never consider this b/c of the waste of money, but whether people who

    purchase wholesale (like Bruce) have ever, just for kicks, taken something like Androstenone to the next


    So whatcha think? Is this solely humor forum/open discussion material?

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    Don't worry about posting too much

    first of all. As long as you aren't getting into fights, I don't see how you could wear out your


    Anyway, this question is a pheromone question and could go in with the others as far as I can see, but

    yeah I've heard of folks intentionally ODing. Actually, it wouldn't be all that costly in the grand scheme of

    things. The point of doing it in my mind is to see what all the fuss is about. There is a lot of talk about being

    careful of OD, and it is of course good advice, but it wouldn't hurt to find out what actually happens. Also, one

    women's "OD" is another's "wow", depending on the time (of the month), place and person. None Cops and to a

    lessor extent RONE are the only items that would get you into big immediate trouble stink-wise
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