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    Default Discovery Science on male sexual attraction

    A couple of nights ago I saw a program on DS , they showed some scientists experiment.

    5 guys were

    given some t-shirts to wear for a while ( a few days or something like that), they werent allowed to have someone in

    their house or prolonged presence near someone, no sex or anything like that, and wash only with unscented soap .

    After a while of wearing the t-shirts, a group of women (I dont remember how many) were blindfolded and asked to

    smell the men wearing their t-shirts, the tv-program showed them smelling their left arm-pit, and asked to sexually

    rate the scent from 1 to 5 , 5 being the most attractive.

    One guy consistently got 1 and another guy ( he looked

    like a very big fella) consistently got 5 .

    The guy with the 5 had the most symmetric face, and his DNA test

    showed his genes being very different from all the other females, genetic variation I think they said, the

    offsprings of such a couple being very resistant to ilnesses.

    So they concluded women somehow smell the scent of

    genetically compatible males, and thats how they choose .

    They didnt use the word pheromones at all. They're

    probably still trying to figure out what "somehow" means, haha .
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