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    Red face Advice needed for a nervous newbie.

    I'm not completely new to pheromones, as I have ordered from here in the past, but I think I would do a lot better

    with some advice. I'm not trying to attract random guys in a public place, but rather a specific guy that I used to

    date a few years back when in high school. We recently got into contact again and he has been showing some interest.

    I feel like he's out of my league and that makes me nervous. He's a great guy with a good heart and should have

    been a model with that beautiful face.
    So here is some information on him and myself.
    He is a nice guy, but is

    more...alpha (I guess is what I'm looking for) than the guys I usually date, not that I'm complaining. He is very

    active and always has to be doing something. He knows how to have fun, but can easily be serious when the time calls

    for it. He's motivated and positive.
    As for physical details...I can't give specifics since I'm a bad judge, but

    he's twenty-two, of average height with an athletic build. Well-muscled, but lean.

    For myself. I am a nice

    person sometimes, but I am easily agitated and I need a strong person who can keep me in check. I have social

    anxiety, and it's hard for me to meet new people. That includes reacquainting myself with this guy. I am very well

    aware of this though, and can usually handle myself pretty well in any given situation. It is usually hidden by an

    alpha/slightly aggressive nature that is more like my real self than the nervous shell I put myself into. I guess

    you could say I change depending on what the situation calls for, and that is how I've always been.
    I'm not

    active all the time, as I have little to do, but most of the time I am out working with my horses. (An interest that

    we share, though he's never had horses, but wants to.)

    Physically: I am 5'2", 128lbs(build has stayed the same

    over the years), feminine well-placed curves, but not a whole lot of muscle tone, and I am twenty.

    I'm not

    entirely sure if this information helps at all, but I felt I would give it a shot. I don't know what pheromone

    product I should use or how I should go about it. At this stage, I know there is some interest, but I'm not sure

    how strong it is or if it will be followed. It isn't obvious to me, and I want every little bit of help that I can

    get my hands on. So advice would be great.

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    Default Advice waiting

    Any advice for Kaolru

    please ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chas View Post

    advice for Kaolru please ?
    Hi Chas, i have just had a quick browse

    through Kaolru's post and i noticed that she is not entirely new to pheromones and this made me wonder what

    pheromone products she may have used in the past and the results she may have noticed from the application thereof i

    was thinking maby some EOW and Edge/w if these are different to what she has used in the past.

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