Hi! First about

myself, I am 42 years old of east Indian descent. I live in a very multiclutural city in Canada
My recent

purchase from Love Scent was
Edge Spray and the
Musk Oil which Bruce sent me with the

Starter pack.

I work in a field where i come in contact with a lot of women. So far my results have been

like this.

Week 1 - Used A 7 and SOE ( A 7 half a drop behind my ears, later i increased it to a full drop

and SOE on my wrists and behind my ears) My clients are more talkative and tell me stories about their family and

stuff that i don't even want to hear. This has not happened before, very surprised at first but now am getting used

to it. Sales have picked up and so far none of my clients have walked out without buying something. Everything is

going roses.

Week 2- Used SOE and the Musk oil , Nothing happened at first then i added 3 sprays of Edge

Spray and things began to pick up. One Asian woman came in and said that i smell nice and since then for no reason

at all pops in every 2 days just to talk to me and spends a few dollars on stuff that i think she does not even


Week 3 and still on - Put all of them together 6 inches of SOE on both the wrist and behind the

ears, A 7 with a cover scent and 3 sprays of Edge. A east indian woman who visited often before and was very uptight

hugged me and invited me home for dinner. She has been calling 3 times a day since just to talk and tell me her

To cut the long story short all my clients no matter what descent are more friendlier and outgoing with

4 prospects lined up so far - Asian, European, East Indian, and a Fillipino lady.

What about the

sexual hits what should be used for that or should i just fine tune the above combos

A bit about the men -

The men seemed to stay away and i felt it was the stink of the A7 , Some of the guys would just walk a step back

from me initially, This i found very weird. Later after a few min of small talk they seemed to open up, but i feel

they somehow did not trust me as much as the wives did.

In all the results have been very good. Being

experimental by nature i have decided to order some more from bruce and my new order is like this
SOE ( I use

this everyday and really like the results)
Chikara Unscented
7ml Men's Pheromone

Edge Essentials for Men
Impi SCENTED for men ( Red Dot)
Perception Spray

Any suggestions

revisions on my new order from the experts would be welcome. Actually I am looking for suggestions or corrections if