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    Default I need help pls...

    Hello Everyone,

    Pls do help me out. Nothing seems to be working for me.

    First few thing you may need to know, i'm 23 almost 24.

    5'6, model figure, known to be attractive and get plenty of attention (from everyone besides the boyfriend lol)

    Bought the scents just to experiment and see if i could get that eye catching attention from the boyfriend (I think

    after 3 years he knows he has me so he doesn't try anymore, so just wanna spice things up).

    so bought these in

    past couple months from reading peoples posts:

    1. Scent of Eros Pheromone Perfume for Women

    2. Primal Instinct UNSCENTED for women

    3. Pheromax for Women

    4. Alpha-7


    5. Edge UNSCENTED for Women
    6. Essence of a Woman
    7. Liquid

    Trust Pheromones

    8. Mistress Pheromones for women


    first time just used SoE and nothing

    second time used Pi/w with Soe and (Maybe little bit pheromax) and not out

    of ordinary

    used Soe with A7 and got nothing out of ordinary

    SOE and EOW and the boyfriend told me i smelled

    :-( lol (it hard to get a compliment out of him, but when it comes to these things he's first to say something)

    Mistress and i think Pi/w and nothing once again

    so please i spent so much money on this stuff and i finally

    figured i ask you guys whats the best combos and how much i should use.

    Usually i put a dab or two behind the

    ears on neck , wrist , cleavage (depending on how many things then one of each body part most commom is just neck

    and wrist).


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    Default No-one helped Rose :(


    Rose123 - no-one answered your question. I don't know but anybody else please ??

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    Hi rose 123

    maybe you could start just with SOE and wear it for a week to different locations and see how people react.I know

    that by having so many phros it's tempting to try all of them almost at the same time.Try first with one or two

    dabs and work it up or down.It depends on the weather too.If it's cold and windy it doesn't really do anything

    then just you keep waisting it(or I did here in OZ) during winter it was waste of my pheros but now is getting

    warmer so I'm starting again more skin exposed etc.So yeah try one at the time and see I'm sure you will soon see

    hints from people just by watching them that the pheros work for you maybe not all of them but you will find out

    which ones do

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