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    Default newb: my log

    I got my alter ego

    sunday. the whole time I was doing research/ordering it I didnt say anything to my girlfriend so that she wouldnt

    have a pre-conceived idea about pheromones (she knows what they are)

    the package came and I went inside, she

    spotted it!
    her: "whats that?"
    me: "oh, parts for my car"


    so I put the stuff on. one drop

    to the wrist rubbed together and then rubbing the wrists on my neck.

    she came out of the bathroom and started

    to walk over to me
    her: "oh god, whats that smell?"
    at that point she began to ravish me, kissing my neck,

    smelling me and kept trying to make out with me. all the while I was trying not to laugh. I know it sounds silly but

    she was doing it in a half silly/half serious manner.

    this continued for a bit and after everything was "all

    said and done" I told her about the phermones. she laughed and said it must have worked. I only wear it when I leave

    the house but it still gets her all the time!

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    I chose alter ego because it

    seems like a well rounded scent. with three pheromones and a scent to it akin to hugo boss.

    tuesday: I ran

    around doing errands. I did one drop on the wrist and rubbed, then rubbed the wrist on my neck. I went to the

    hardware store and the cashier was very nice and gave me eye contact. not really a definite hit as she is usually

    nice anyways.

    I then went to the autoparts store. the cashier (black female in her early 30s) there was very

    chatty. I never met her before but she made a lot of small talk and even asked for my name as I was walking out the


    wensday: went out to a bar with some friends. got a lot of eye contact and people that wouldnt really

    talk to me would make small talk. one of the bar tenders made extra small talk with me (was a busy night, she was

    one of many) and for a second neglected her customers.

    it was a good night and it seems like AE was

    maayyybbbe doing something. more testing will tell......

    thursday: went out to a dance club to meet up with

    friends. I think I OD that night because I did one drop on wrist, rubbed together, one drop behind the ears, and a

    drop on my left and right collar.

    I think I was invisible that night. It seemed like everyone was bumping

    into me. I remember getting to a spot and trying to move past this guy and he wouldnt budge, so I had to sort of

    push him out of the way. it was very weird.

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    Default Thanks for report

    Thanks for report

    Nice & clear with application points as well. Helps the rest of us to try it the same way. Interesting

    that only one drop was necessary.

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    Yep, if you're invisible, and

    get that kind of passive aggression from men, its a definite OD. Good job on the other ones though! Looks like you

    found your sweet spot.

    And welcome to the forum!

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