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    Default My input from Personal Experience

    I have been playing around with pheromones for quite some time. I am young but some produce more nones

    than others, I produce TOO MUCH NONES LOL! The funny thing is that I am not tall or big but I have an hyperactive

    endocrine system so my testosterone levels are much higher than the average person's. I have noted that each

    pheromone obviously has its intended effect but one must know on who to use it. I unfortunately can't use any

    products with nones since I stink naturally so bad that my friends, mother, and family always tell me how they can

    smell me as soon as I come into the room. I have tried washing myself with organic soap, etc but nothing can take

    the scent of androstenone off my clothing/towels/bed/car/and anything that makes contact with me. I have also

    noticed that due to the high nature of my nones people are very weary of me and do not really feel comfortable

    around me. I have tried nol products but they do very little for me, but they help LOL! In my experience pheromones

    don't directly change your apperance to those around you, you need to persuade the people not only with your scent

    but body language. Pheromones are not as understandable as thought they were, over time I have learn that eye

    contact also can persuade many messages. I also feel the reason many women find me intimidating is the fact that

    they suppress their sexuality; reason I say this is I see them from a distance staring me hard but as soon as I walk

    near them they get frozen stiff since they are afraid to show that they too have a strong desire of sex due to

    society's double standard of sex. Overall I can whole heartedly tell you that pheromones are real and indeed have

    lots to do with how people choose their friends, partners/spouses, employees, leader and how they interact with one

    another. Feel free to discuss upon these observations.

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    Thumbs up The truth about getting laid


    I was 20 (20 years ago) I noticed the whole objective of the get laid system was to get strong, in shape, grow tall,

    go to clubs, be aggressive, hang around with the "cool crowd" that goes on the prowl for sex.

    So I went and

    built up my body from a 120 lbs 15% BF weakling to a 165 lbs muscular body with 6% BF. My confidence increased

    but I was still being pushed by the mentality that more is necessarily better.

    So then I joined M.A.. Surely

    learning to fight and protect wins women. So I learned boxing, and wrestling etc and pushed my body some more. In

    fact now I had decent fighting skills.

    Before I knew it I was in a working atmosphere. I realized that more

    money, a better car etc would get me noticed and feel great. So I pushed myself at work.

    All this got me

    attention, but I was to tense to notice it. My adrenal glands were burned out from pushing my body over the years.

    In fact also I did get laid I found myself always obsessing over "did i get all the way" or maybe if I didn't "it

    doesn't count". That win or lose mentality. That all or nothing mentality.

    Be the best.. or be a


    Well my friend all that pushing didn't get me much sex. I was constantly overtrained and didn't

    know it. Yes I was too tense to know it. I couldn't even sense it.

    Toss on some more NONE. In fact in the

    early days NONE was all that was out there. More aggression.

    Eventually the inevitable happened. Illness

    set it and I got sick. I woke up from my slumber recently as my health has improved and I can tell you that I get

    more attention from women, advances, and probably could easily get to third base with many of them because of the

    secrets I'm about to share.

    Are you ready?

    #1 Don't be so results oriented. Instead

    focus on mastery. Win or lose is a losing gameplan. Eventually we all grow old, and even olympians can't stay on

    top of the world. So the best stategy is to build skills and get ready... RELAX.

    #2 Get sleep.

    Sleep is important to getting laid because with insufficient sleep the body doesn't repair, and anxiety, tension

    and other problems settle in.

    #3 Work out. But not to much. believe it or not you don't need a

    body like a cover model to get laid folks. Just hit the gym 2-3 times week. Do 10-20 min of weights and 20-30 min

    of aerobics. Your muscles, bones, and mind will thank you. You will also look better, and yes I have never thought

    about wanting to lay a really ugly woman no matter how nice her personality and I bet women feel the same about men

    so do work out but don't over do.

    #4 Goal Set. When you goal set in life (for everything you do),

    and plan your life you not only get more satisfaction but feel a sense of direction, pride, and accomplishment. Even

    more so by focusing on developing skills you automatically will beat 9/10 other people out there who only focus on

    winning. So whether it work, your social life etc plan things out .

    #5 Don't over do mones. I

    wear A7/SOE but sometimes I think I do even better without any mones anymore. The working out increases my natural

    none levels anyways to a point that is acceptable . Before I used to think mones would solve my life.. now I don't

    "need them". They just ENHANCE my aura...

    #6 You don't have to lay the 10's. The 10's are

    probably not even getting laid as much as the 7-8's! Don't go out looking to lay person X or beauty level 10 and

    you will be ahead already. By not coming across as aggressive you will automatically appeal to many women as "I

    wonder why he's not coming on to me so strong like all the other jerks?". Or " I wonder if he's sweet and shy and

    when I get horny I know I'll wear some sexy clothes and come on to him". Provided you always talk to people and be

    kind women will always see you as someone they can turn to and folks, WOMEN ARE HUMAN, they get horny too. If you

    talk to enough of people in general soon the 30 somethings or the ovulating ones will come on to


    #7 Proceed with stealth. You know a woman many not want to let you feel her tits if she

    doesn't even let you hold her hands first. So why not try that? Or touching her arm lightly? Depending on the

    feeback you can escalate.

    #8 Not all encounters have to end in sex. Sometimes a conversation with

    a woman is just as good. When sex is not the only thing on your mind so much stress will be released that you will

    be able to think provided you've done all the steps above.

    #9 Don't kiss and tell. If you do

    things may escalate. If you have an SO or at work you may even get fired. Simply say "Get your mind out of the

    gutter" if some horny young prowlers think you only talk to women for sex. This will ensure your job


    #10 You don't have to get a woman drunk to bed her. Women get horny too. In time if you

    don't make a move they will provided you do all the steps above.

    #11 Wear mones. But you gotta

    learn to work without them. Your confidence can't come from them or like Sampson when your hair is cut you'll

    lose all your power.

    #12 Get self esteem from more than getting laid. Unless your a porn star you

    don't need to base your self worth on sex. There are many people who don't have sex who have come to the top of

    the world and are very respected.

    #13 SENSE. Women give men signs all the time, but if your tense you

    won't pick up on them.

    I've hope I've help some people here.


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    Hey HM, very good advice but

    I'd like to add to it.

    14. Grow a sense of humor about yourself and life. Women like to have fun and laugh,

    they like to be around happy, calm and self assured people.

    15 Learn what a gentleman is and act like one. I get

    far more hits than I deserve just because I don't hit. Asan example, a couple weeks ago a young woman I know was

    kind of down and I gave her a pep talk...sort of. Not only did I get a great hug from a cute young woman right on

    the spot, she has since shown a lot of interest in physical contact with me. I was wearing A7 at the time.


    while back MtnJim posted a long list of what a man should be. Read and understand what it is saying. It isn't about

    being the biggest, strongest or most fierce!

    PS: Drunk women are no fun in bed. They make terrible lovers.
    To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.

    Thomas Jefferson

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    Default Yes!

    I could not agree more with

    the things that HornyMan and Belgareth brought to the table.In fact it was HM who introduced me to the pick up

    world.I have been non-stop reading books on how to pick up woman and body language.Now I am by no means a big muscle

    bound guy, I am quite young still at 22 and I'm slim and tall.Lanky if you will.I have had more girls compliment my

    physique because I am not like the other guys they meet who are obsessed with their looks.Big and musclebound and

    just overall too intimidating to approach.It's almost come to the point with mones for me where I wear them just to

    smell better and have stopped using my cologne and have mearly used SOE or CHIKARA.Truth is I believe in myself and

    I have a strong path in what I want in woman and they can sense that and it turns them on that I have a driven

    attitude and most look up to me I've been told.I'd highly suggest using mones as just a last resort and to start

    reading and understand human body language and maybe working on your voice and presence.If your looking to land a 10

    in bed, they are very hard and you have to show higher value and an attitude that is the same or higher than

    there's and introduce a neg which is a negative comment but say it in a cocky funny type way.For instance, I like

    your nails are they real . . . no . . . oh well they are still nice.Add lots of pauses and talked slowly.You want to

    be that alpha male.I agree with what Alpha Male said about not every mone fits every person it takes trial and

    error.I am still working on my mixes and still can't figure out whether The Edge or NPA has worked yet.All I got to

    say is you came to the right place to discuss this and the people on this forum are really helpful.I like them

    all.Good luck with your endevours and update us on your journey with phero's.Sorry for the long post guys and

    thanks for the space.

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    Default A link please


    A while back MtnJim posted a long list of what a man should be. Read and

    understand what it is saying. It isn't about being the biggest, strongest or most fierce!


    I did a search for this information but couldn't nail the thread. If you know the exact

    thread do you mind posting a link here to it... thanks.

    I agree about a sense of humour. Just being rational

    about everything one does isn't enough. It comes down to the physcial, technical, mental, and spiritual



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    Couldn't find the one I was

    looking for but this should give you some idea

    "A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an

    invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone,

    comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch

    manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for

    To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.

    Thomas Jefferson

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