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    Default Good and Bad A-7 Edge and SOE


    this mix today with Black code as a cover. Tons of attention eye contact smiles etc from the ladies. Even got in

    free at a state park (lady working ticket booth was in her 20's) that charges admission that's the good. The bad

    went to the part of the park that has a petting zoo with my daughter. A Canadian Lynx literally tried to jump

    through the fence and attack me lol. At first I thought it was a concidence. So I walked away and watched from a

    distance to see how the cat acted around other people the cat was laid back. So I approached the cage again the same

    thing the lynx was growling hissing etc. Important lesson never wear mones around a Lynx lol.

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    Default See my HornyMan Logs

    See my

    HornyMan Logs for Sun June 13th and Mon June 14th I describe my excellent experience with

    this exact mix.
    Note the next day however, I was invisible



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