Does alpha 7 only attract

women who are looking for a protector (eg husband)?

In that case do you ever feel you are undesirable as a

bed partner and seen in a womans eyes as an old fart who is confident, talks a lot, but not much else?


especially am referring to this when combined with SOE.

Sometime I am getting to think mones by themselves

are pretty useless if they don't match persona, dress, and social/antisocial behavior, and most importantly BELIEFS

held from birth to adolescents regarding who they are , morals, what is right and wrong, etc

What this means

is if you want to be hot , get your butt in the gym and develop a killer body. God has already given you the mones

that will come from doing this activity. Also EVERY facet of your life will change if you develop your body into a

greek god. You'll automaticall think differently, act differently, and hang out with a different crowd. You will

be absorbed into a cultural group for what you do.

Does someone who wants to be the president of the company

slap on some a314 and think he can be a broke , homeless ,man and get away with this because of the mones? He would

better spend his time putting 8 hrs a day into financial planning, career, etc for 20 years. Then he would BE this

item and not hopelessly think some magic liquid potion would do what 20 years of dedication would do. Also EVERY

facet of his life will change if he "becomes" this item. He'll l automatically think differently, act

differently, and hang out with a different crowd. He will be absorbed into a cultural group for what he does.

Every facet of his LIFE will change.

Now I'm not saying that mones can't ENHANCE ones REAL state of

being, but by themselves they probably won't get anyone anywhere because a woman who loves NPA is looking for a man

who can get it up 3 times in a night, with a strippers body. If he is a 80 year old impotent fat bubba even if she

deranged she probably wouldn't fall for sex.

So my point is, in order to match the mones one has to


There's no getting around it.

Mother Teresa could never get anything out of NPA for women. Even

if she tried and wanted to change her life around to a sexual being, her mere 'existence" or BEING from birth to

adolecense of strict chritian morals etc cultivated her into what she actually was.

So step one,

cultivate your existence. If your existence is in flux, you will just be confused with or without mones in the long


Any thoughts on this?