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    Default cool, remembered my log in details:)

    always tricky, i change them yearly and having been a member of this forum for many years i was trying to work out

    what i was thinking several years ago.

    anyway, to business.

    am meeting a girl for the first time on

    saturday (i mean this girl, i HAVE met girls before). we're gonna spend an afternoon and evening together and i'm

    getting a little nervous as this is my first date for about a year and a half.............

    my current arsenal

    includes AE and A7.
    will be in close proximity of this girl for a fair few hours and the LAST thing i want to do

    is OD.

    am wondering whether A7 and AE - 2 dabs each - would be overkill?

    i could also take them both

    with me and apply more as necessary but really i dont have a strategy yet. and that's why i'm hoping for some

    ideas/feedback from you guys

    i'm 38 and becoming overweight and looking older by the year, she's


    any thoughts anyone?

    thanks, neil

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    Is the A7 scented or un? And are

    you going to cover with a fragrance?

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