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Frog walks into a bank, looks around, and goes over to a desk with a woman behind it with a name tag

that says Patricia Whack. He introduces himself as Kermit Jagger, and says "Patty, I need a loan".

He states his

reason for the loan is to take a vacation, and he needs 10K.

Taken aback, Patty says "Well, sir, we'll need some

kind of collateral for a loan like that". Kermit then produces a small, perfectly formed, porcelain elephant, and

places it on her desk.

Still in a state of confusion, she tells the frog that "I'll need a manager's approval

for this", and scoops up the elephant. She stands up and goes through a door marked, of all things,


"Sir", she blurts out hastily, "there's a frog out there who calls himself Kermit Jagger, and he

wants a ten thousand dollar loan to take a vacation, and, (holding up the porcelain elephant) what on earth is


To which the manager replies:

"Its a knick-knack, Patty Whack, give the frog a loan. His old man's

a Rolling Stone".