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    Lightbulb Out for years, please provide me with a much neeed update.


    I started using mones a few years ago, since then, although still using (some)

    them, I have been away from the forum and love scent, upon coming back I've noticed that much fewer items are

    available from the store, yet, since soon I'll be in need for refilling a couple of products, could somebody update

    me on the following:


    Has it been discountinued from the store? If so, why? ended up being



    After browsing the site and reading the forums I'm left under the impression that it's

    not that effective a product and that It's currently on sale on the store to get out of the remaining



    Although my results weren't that great, I see it's vastly increased in price since I bought it

    (or was it that expensive when I bought it? can't remember), has the formula been improved??

    4. PI/A7


    anything else stronger been released??

    5. NPA

    Is it worthy pitted against PI/A7??

    Any general

    recommendation on newer products? IE: Liquid Trust??

    Mucho Thanks in advance.

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    Hi otomo!

    I've been here for a half year but i can
    help you a little bit

    as you

    can read on the forum some
    people say it works..for me it's not working
    but hey 7$ for 7 gel packet you can

    buy it for sure
    just to try maybe it will work for you
    for me works with TE or AE very

    but alone the effect from it is zero
    Here on LS there is W.A.G.G N
    it has none in it , improved


    For Liquid Trust i haven't tried it
    but i think it's better use popular products

    AE,TE,Chikara,SOE they are working for sure 100%
    but if you have enough money try it!It's all about money

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    It is my understanding that A314 is

    not available primarily due to production problems by the manufacturer. The recent economic downturn has hit a lot

    of companies and people hard.

    Perception is just one of many products. And like anything, it works for some, not

    for others. There have been a number of "success" posts from those using Perception. It is worth a try, and could at

    the least form a basic foundation for tweaking with other or additional pheromones and fragrances.


    Instinct is probably still the king when it comes to androstenone strength. NPA may be a close second. But bear in

    mind it may be TOO strong/TOO concentrated, and therefore hard to "control" the dosages. A7 appears to be a fairly

    good mix of androstenone and a "moderating" dose of androsterone that takes some of the raw edge off it. A7 may be

    one of the best "new" additions to the lineup, at least for some who want or need an androstenone-heavy product.

    My opinions.
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    It's apathy

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    Thank you both for your replies.

    Well, money is always a problem specially nowadays, still, you're right, I'd be better off with a

    known product, chikara has almost always worked it's magic for me so I might go that way. I have waggn, it's

    weird, I feel more talkative when wearing it, but beyond that not much.

    Thanks for the advise.


    sorry to hear that about a134<--LOL!, a314, I hope they can get back on track.
    I have all three, A7/PI/NPA,

    that's why I'm interested what others have to say in terms of comparing these. PI is da bomb for close quarters

    combat, but since A7 is more concentrated I feel more confident for initial contact. That leaves NPA out of place, I

    remember adding some to some cologne, a good while ago, can't remember anything good or bad about it though.


    experience with perception has not been really good, I've tried it again after my initial post and it's very

    particular, two single hits, one each time, but weird stuff, the girls just went to touch their hairs a lot *after*

    I stopped trying for eye contact (they didn't even looked back), almost like if my sight would have made them

    incredible uncomfortable with their hairdos, but nothing more.

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