I started using mones a few years ago, since then, although still using (some)

them, I have been away from the forum and love scent, upon coming back I've noticed that much fewer items are

available from the store, yet, since soon I'll be in need for refilling a couple of products, could somebody update

me on the following:


Has it been discountinued from the store? If so, why? ended up being



After browsing the site and reading the forums I'm left under the impression that it's

not that effective a product and that It's currently on sale on the store to get out of the remaining



Although my results weren't that great, I see it's vastly increased in price since I bought it

(or was it that expensive when I bought it? can't remember), has the formula been improved??

4. PI/A7


anything else stronger been released??

5. NPA

Is it worthy pitted against PI/A7??

Any general

recommendation on newer products? IE: Liquid Trust??

Mucho Thanks in advance.