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Thread: anything new?

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    Default anything new?

    hey yall. i was just

    wondering if there's any new products that are really hot right now. i've tried most stuff back in the day and if

    yall remember me you know how much i loved my AE. but i havn't really used any mones for a while and while i was

    moving i came across one of my bottles of NPA and i've used what was left of it and i must say, i miss using mones.

    but man i can't spend my money like i used to and buy everything lol so anyone suggest any new stuff. if theres

    really nothing new thats hot i'll just save up and get me a bottle of AE like back in the day

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    To be honest I still find the old

    ones to be good. Chikara, AE, SOE.

    So how's Tifa doing, Cloud?
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