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    Default Hit reports

    Hey folks!

    We never

    see reports on results anymore. Did everybody quit chasing or something?

    I'll start off with one recently that

    I enjoyed. I was in Starbucks a couple days ago. The girl at the counter was about 25, long brown hair and nice

    looking. She was also wearing an expensive wedding ring. I was flirting and just being funny while she took my

    order. When she brought me my coffee she asked if I was on my way to work so I explained that I had been at work

    several hours. She kept asking me questions and just general chatting. Lots of eye contact but its hard to see body

    language through a counter. Nice smile though.

    Being the dirty old man I am, I stopped in again today and she

    was working the counter again. This time she brought my coffee to the table and stood by chatting. At one point she

    asked about my schedule later, implying maybe getting together for lunch or something. I pointedly looked at her

    left hand and she laughed, explaining she wasn't married. She wears the ring to keep the wolves away.

    Left it

    at that but it was a solid hit. I was wearing some of the old AQ and some A7 covered by some musk oil.
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    Hi Belgareth,

    Had my last

    serious one a few weeks ago. I was in a bar setting, i wasnt really tryng to hook up though. I was standing by the

    bar, people watching, when outta nowhere this chick blindsides me and starts to grind on me. She seemed really

    hammered but what I saw from her was amazing/hilarious. After doing pretty much everything except tearnig off my

    cloths right there she came in close to my application area on my neck, I could feel her sniff it, she backed off

    and her eyes got as wide as Im thinking they could. I dont know if that qualifies as a DIHL but I knew when I saw

    it that she was hooked. All in all, I didnt take her home cause she was too wasted and I do have some morals there.

    It was the most direct hit I've had yet. The combo I had was AE and SOE equal portion on Neck, Wrists and


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    Yup, that was a DIHL. Drunk

    women are very susceptable to mones. I think it has to do with the lowering of inhibitions. She would have been hit

    by the mones had she been sober but drunk she had no control. It sounds like you may have found a good combo for


    I don't worry to much about getting DIHLs and instead focus on positive reactions in general. A woman

    being more attentive than normal, smiling more and her body language are the goals.
    To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.

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    Default NPA+SoE+Edge gel

    Ok, I don't

    usually have a ton of time to post my results, but I would have to say that last week, I got the combo just right

    and had an absolutely stellar evening. To begin with, I started off the evening by using a dab of NPA on my wrists,

    neck and behind my ears, then I rolled SoE over the spots where I applied NPA and finally topped off my wrists, neck

    and behind my ears with some Edge Gel.

    I'm 43 years old but because I'm half Korean, I easily look early 30s.

    I have an athletic build and live in Los Angeles.

    I went out that evening with two very attractive girls, one a

    brunette around 32 and a blond around 25. We started off at a rooftop hotel bar in Santa Monica where we were

    sitting at the bar and there were tons of empty seats around. An attractive brunette walked around the bar, slowly

    passed me then opted to sit down next to me even though I was occupied with my two friends and there were many other

    seats around the bar. She was obviously waiting on me to say hello, so, I obliged her and then had my attention

    split between all three of them. My two friends wanted to leave after an hour and go to a local jazz/blues bar

    nearby. We went into the bar and an exceptional beautiful brunette in her late 20s was serving us. We only stayed

    for 30 minutes but the waitress seemed to be exceptionally nice to me during our visit. I closed out my tab, and I

    walked out with my friends, who decided to chat with the bouncer for a bit. As I waited, the waitress rushed out and

    said I had forgotten something and handed me a folded up piece of paper that I assumed was my credit card receipt. I

    unfolded it and to my surprise it was her #. I have since found out that she is a relatively minor actress and model

    here in LA and unbelievely hot.

    I really can't attribute it to anything else other than the combo of the mones

    and possibly the two beautiful girls I was hanging out with which makes me much more approachable.

    To conclude

    the night, I had gotten the numbers of the girl I met at the first bar, the waitress at the second bar and finally

    the # of the blond that was hanging out with us. I have three dates set up over the next two weeks so you could say

    I'm a frigging HAPPY 'mone user.

    Now if I can just get that combo perfect everytime I'll be in


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    Thou art one lucky duck.

    Yes, it

    helped that you were being "validated" by having at least one other woman with you, Helps offset the "creep" factor

    ("if she/they is/are hanging around him he's probably cool") and in a manner of speaking serves much like an

    advertising testimonial of the best type.

    Stories like this inspire me to give things another go. Now that

    things are settling down a bit for me it's time to get back in there...
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    I started getting bored and

    decided to test out the less is more theory. A few weekends ago I took out my bottle of Alpha 7 and a bottle of SoE

    and went away for the weekend. I put 2 drops of the A7 on the end of a Qtip and dabbed behind my ears and ran it

    along my neck under the jaw. Rolled a small bit of SoE on the backs of my hands and rubbed it over the A7.


    lady I met that evening invited me to her room for a nightcap. She buried her face in my neck and told me I smelled

    wonderful. Long story short, I got lucky that night.

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    I wore about maybe 12''

    of SOE across my face today, I had a formal meeting in one of my college groups. The girl I was sitting next to was

    all over me. She had been drinking(it is college after all). But she kept putting her boob on my arm, grabbing on to

    my arm and getting close to my face where I have applied the stuff.

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    Today I got my shipment of Impi,

    my first bottle of it. Upon its arrival i sprayed it once on my neck.

    I was running late later so I stopped into

    a sandwich shop to get lunch to go. The cashier was this girl, about 20 or 21, and she became flustered when she

    tried to take my order. She was smiling alot, cracking jokes, and she was so nervous she misspelled my name on the

    order (my name is John, not hard to spell haha). Then when I said I wanted a soda to drink she almost collided with

    another employee to get my drink for me haha. The whole time she was laughing and looking over my way. The customers

    before and after me she was rather lifeless towards but she kept finding an excuse to talk to me while I was waiting

    for my food.

    Thats the first Impi hit I've had, and I hope to have more haha.

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