Does anyone here do basic club


How do you find it effects your abdomen?

I find that NYC style club dancing build the

obliques (side muscles) and intercostal (twisting muscles) , pushing fat more to the front. I know you can't spot

reduce but fat does move around.

I find doing a lot of ab work with weights etc develops the sexier six pack

and pushes any extra fat to the back or love handles.

I find dancing strengthens my lower back a great deal

and I am actually taller when I include dnacing in my workout routine (up to a full 1/2 to 1 inch).

When I

just do weights and elliptical or cycling, I find my back is not as strong and I lose height.

I've tried

adding exercises like back extensions etc but the bottom line is these weight training exercises training mostly

linear movements. I find dancing works the rotational muscles more.

If only I could get a tight midsection

along with the dancing. I find if I train both abs and dancing my waist get huge (not from fat but rather muscle

build up)

Do anyone of you experience this?

BTW Club dancing includes rotation of the hips, grinding,

small shifts in jumping side to side, and working the traps and shoulders.