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    Default People becoming overtly protective of me..

    it's wierd fri night I went to the bar wearing Chikara and Alter Ego and I noticed somthing strange

    ALL the bouncers became overtly protective of me they actually stood near me like they were my body guard and some

    guy gave me a hard time and kept on getting in my space and the bouncers kicked him out of the bar,some lady was

    dancing with me and some guy came in and tried to dance with her while i was dancing with her and the bouncers

    scooted the guy away from us and the waitress was very close to me as well,she kept on asking me if everything was

    alright and at one point actually put her head on my shoulder and put my arm on her shoulder she looked hyptnotized

    with wide eyes/pupuls then after about 2 minutes she noticed what she was doing then looked kind of confused and

    walked off..

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    Jubba - classic hits and

    signs of respect here my friend. I'm a regular at the club game. Luv it, and since I discovered miones I have made

    it my mission to field-test different combos in the club. I usually do SOE/Edge sandal wood. On good nights when I

    don't OD, the security are usually my best buds, or, if they are very serious about their job, just more inclined

    to being polite and respectful. As for the women...well, I go to the clubs in Portland, Or. And Portland women can

    be really rude and stuck up for the most part. On good mone trip nights out, the girls are def more receptive, and I

    actively see alot more glances, and looks along the lines of, "hey, yeah i'm looking at you now come do something"

    and all that.

    I think my thing is I am still being too passive, meaning just sitting back and letting the mones

    do most of the work. But In a club/party setting a guy really must put himself forward in being the alpha otherwise

    the wolves will come in and swoop her. Mones aren't a cure-all, just another tool in my aresnal of seduction. Good

    post though bro. And keep posting your club experiences.

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