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    Default The negatives and Positives


    best way to get away from something is to realize the good and bad facts associated with it. Rather than medicines

    and advices, it’s the realization of facts, that’s makes a real control on you.

    Smoking gives a

    feeing to people that, it’s something without which they can’t withstand. They enjoy a sense of

    gratification through smoking. It’s a mode of pleasure cum ritual to them.

    On the other side, cigarette

    smoke leaves a smell all around you. It even creates problem to your voice, which makes you to clear it in the

    middle of each sentence. The sense of smell and taste will diminish. There will be trouble of bronchitis.


    out the positives and negatives, compare each others, and then make a weight between both. Then definitely, you will

    arrive at the right result
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