We've had

some pretty good discussions on political/social matter here, but it seems the whole subject has fallen by the


Its curious that no one is posting about the most comprehensive and radical attempt at restructuring our

country and society that's currently taking place.

I kind of spoke my mind in one thread and probably pissed off

a member or seven, but that's no reason to end any discussion. Politics is a dirty game, as the current

administration, like others before it, is proving in spades.

I think I'll use this thread to post opinion and

news reports from various sources, both domestic and international.

It would be nice to hear some commentary

from the entire spectrum of opinion. Passionate opinion is most welcome if its in the realm of ideas, and not

personal attacks.

The founders of this country fought each other before, during and after the Constitutional

Convention. The signing of the Constitution brought decades of intense debate on working out the crucial tenants of

a free society based on the highest ideals of government ever articulated in a single document. Their hatred of

tyranny bonded them in the midst of their disagreements on how to form a government which protected our new society

from such abuses of power as were imposed by absolute monarchs.

That this debate should continue is part of

being American, and is essential to keeping our society free from tyrants, both foreign and domestic.

A tyrant is

measured by the limits he imposes upon the freedom of any individual. These limits take many forms, and always

begin with subtle restrictions and penalties. A more advanced tyrant will impose himself on a society at large with

supplications to its weaker elements.

What we are facing today is a combination of willing conformity seduced by

some false ideal of political correctness, and an uneducated apathy which selfishly looks for the shallowest water

in which to wash their collective conscience.

These are only my opinions of course, and I'd love to hear

differences. More to follow.