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    Default does NPA (i.e. -none) smells heavy right away or does the smell evolve with the time?

    I have been squeezing the search function for about half an hour

    right now and did not get satisfactory results my concern.

    Naturally I can smell even the lowest concentration of

    most fragrances - when there's some "aroma" in the air, I'm always the first to recognize it. That's also true

    for this typical "cat-piss" smell or like the classmate's bag with his never-washed sport clothes in it - you know.

    So BUT, I don't seem to smell this stinky part out of NPA - better: I am not really sure. If I stick the

    bottle into my nose, the only thing that comes true is the alcohol.

    If I apply it: My standard amount of NPA is

    one to two small daps per wrist (in sum less than half/third of a small drop - i got good results with that) -

    sometimes I cover it, sometimes not. But I did never smell anything "bad"/cat-piss kind of thing. Only once or

    twice, I was able to sense a light smell - had to put my nose between my wrists and take a deep breath for


    On the one hand, I think I can trust my nose, but on the other, I am not really sure about being able to

    smell -none. My Questions for those of you, who know they can smell -none: Does NPA have that bad smell if it is

    still "fresh" and in the bottle? Does only 1 dap at your skin begin to smell after some time? How much do you apply

    until you smell something?

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    Default Use a good cover scent

    Even if

    you can't smell it, people around you will.

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    Well, I'm not sure I can smell

    -none, but as you aren't getting many replies I'm going to chime in with an opinion.

    Whether you smell -none

    yourself may determine if you notice an odor in the bottle or on yourself and maybe there is less chance of smelling

    it in the bottle as it may be that you don't pick it up until it has mixed with air (which happens at a very low

    rate while in the bottle).

    Whether someone else smells the -none will depend on if THEY are sensitive to it.

    You may be able to smell it, but maybe no one else around you can.

    Plus, and I think this is perhaps most

    important of all, remember that there is a possibility that your targets (female) may not only smell it, they may

    *like* it. Androstenone may indeed repell other males, which may not be a bad thing... and attract the females you

    want. Consider your ultimate goal.

    Just my thoughts.
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    None has a distinctive stink to

    it. When I first started using pheromons I couldn't really smell it either. After a couple months I began noticing

    it more. Now I can smell it with ease.

    It depends on th person. Some people catch the scent quickly and others

    have to learn the smell first.
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