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    Default Mone experiences with uneducated friend

    Mone experiences. I have had real good results with NPA. But since I am 27, I have decided to scale it

    down a notch or 2. Just cuz I know my body is still at its peak in producing its own natural none. I recently bought

    edge sandalwood. I've put onespray on behind my ear, and found I get good hits with the 28+ crowd. There is this

    girl I am trying to get with. She's really cute in the girl-next-door kind of way. She is 19, so pretty young, and

    from what i've read from everyone here at the forum, if one is not careful they can really scare off the younger

    women, mainly 25 and under. So, I've been playing it cool, teasing and ripping on her, and giving some sexual hits

    as well. Now, one thing i've noticed about TE, is that 1: it makes me hella horny, like I am 19 again. 2: I get a

    lot bolder in what I saY. So, when I talk with her, I am finding it impossible to be subtle about anything, I

    usually get a lil cocky, and drop some not-so-subtle inuendos. And, she has responded in kind numerous times. Now,

    the only thing is, she does have a b/f. And normally, I don't go after taken women, unless the dude is a total

    prick and doesn't deserve her, which, thankfully, is the case with her b/f. She's not happy with him, and has

    expressed that several times with me. I know I am on the fast-track to getting with her. Its only a matter of time.

    . Now, I will keep everyone updated as to how that goes. But, i'm gonna now talk about the real reason for

    this thread. I had recently purchased the SOE/NPA super combo from Bruce. And the night I received them, my best

    friend who is like a brother to me, comes over to help me with my math course I am taking. Now, I had told him

    briefly that I was a pheremone enthusiast, but he didn't take much interest in what I was saying, cuz, like the

    majority of people, pheremones are akin to voodoo. You either don't want to know about it, or if you do, you stay

    away. He is having problems with his wife. I also got some of the sample gel packs with the purchase of the super

    combo. I told him to try the AE and SOE, just to see if it would make him a believer. Now, I will say, that I am

    VERY picky about who I share the secret of mones with. With power comes responsibility. And I know if ever a guy

    wanted to do great emotional harm or trauma to a women, and they discovered mones or were told about it, it would be

    disastrous. So...the only time I will ever share the magic of this stuff, is to responsible, REAL adults, or those

    inclined to being mature for their age, that are looking for confidance boosters, love, or just a good time etc. So,

    I basically made him my guinea pig. I let him try out the SOE first even though I hadn't tried it yet myself. I

    admit I was interested in seeing how I reacted when exposed to mones. Not in a gay way or anything, but just to see

    if he would od and I would get hella aggressive or the like. So, he put on the AE packet and some strips of SOE

    (roller) on his forearms like I had instructed, and man, does the SOE smell goooood lol. I decided what the hell,

    this would be his night, when we went out to eat. I would be the observer, instead of the experimenter. I did apply

    some strips of SOE on muy forehead, and side of my face. Note, this was before I read on here that one of the best

    places to put Nol is on the arms or wrists, but, what the hell, its an experiment right?? LOL. So, when we were in

    the car going out to a restaurant, I kept telling him to give me feedback on how he was feeling, experiencing, and

    the like. Now, he is 25. almost 100% white, with a lil American Indian in him, about a lil taller than me (5'11),

    and medium build. So, I knew he would be producing a lot of none just cuz of his age, so It was no real surprise

    when he said, after about 5minutes, that he felt incredibly powerful, and wanted to rip someones arms off. Now, none

    is known to amplify one's mood, so, since he was having a bad day with his wife, that put him in agressive-mode

    right off the bat. He said he felt incredibly alive, and while I looked at him his eyes were fully dilated, like he

    would turn into a lycan, very soon or the like lol *I am really into the whole vamp and lycan thing, underworld

    baby!!!! ), I didn't notice any bad smelling application, or enhanced aggressiveness from me the whole night,

    so I know he did not OD, which is very good, since this was his first mone-trip. We went to a local eatery, where

    there was only 1 hot server, a slender blonde, that looked like she liked to have "a good time", she immediately

    noticed us right away cuz, really, we were the 2 hottest guys in there, now my bro, has got that baby face women

    seem to love so much, and me, I'm really quite broad and athletic. And am a hapa haole, in Hawaiian that means a

    person that is mixed with white. I am Filipino, with Hawaiian, New Zealand descent on my dad's side, and white on

    my mum's. So, whenever we go out places, we always make an impression, this being w/o the mones. We didn't get her

    section, but nonetheless kept giving her pitches, non-verbal mostly. And she was throwing them back some too, but

    not too much since there was a slight rush of clientele. I noticed my bud seemed to be saying anything that was on

    his mind, sometimes even when she passed directly by us shaking that sweet ass of hers, knowing we were looking. And

    most of the stuff that was being said by him involved him wanting to bend her over, and you get my drift, hahaha, so

    yeah, he was pretty blunt the whole night. Well, we ended up banging out of there, to see if there were any hot

    girls, or servers at Crapplebee's that was just down the road. And Bing, JACKPOT. We had this hot-ass chick, a

    tanned white girl, with dark hair and eyes. I'd say she was definitely a 9. Tall slender, and very outgoing. Well,

    I have read that it is almost aLways not a good idea to go out with people who are also wearing mones cuz,

    basically, it can create one big GIGANTIC OD. . So I was smart that I had only applied SOE, and not any AE

    like my friend. I think the excess of nol that permeated our area really helped to create that kind of social vibe

    that is expected when 2 real popular people were expected at anytime. She immediately took a liking to us and was

    very chatty, we talked for qbout 5 min straight until she finally asked us for our drink order, during this time I

    noticed her staring real deep into my eyes, and leaning for expectantly when I was talking, (good nol hit) and she

    was pretty close to us as well. Now my friend on the other hand...well...very interesting hahaha. Since he was

    wearing AE he had that good mix of NOL, RONE, and NONE. Coupled with the SOE rolled onto him that created a

    definite reaction getter from him. She was definitely a lot more forward and direct with him, namely cuz he was

    still being bold, and dropping not-so-subtle hints. I do believe i overheard her say to another patron (I was

    eavesdropping to see if her interactions with the other clientele were as good as the ones she gave us) that she was

    32. But DAMN, she didn't look a day over 20, no joke. Very Gorgeous!!! She would cock her hips towards him, and do

    the leg rub *definite sign she was getting off* as well as swing her swipey card at him in suggestive and provactive

    ways, she was also talking to him in a sultry catty sort of way. Now, I knew cuz I was lacking any significant

    amount of none, I wouldn't be getting as much a response. So I just played the part of the flirty, fun-loving guy,

    that everyone wants to be cool with. During our time together she did give me one real good slightly drawn out touch

    to the arm (she had done several with my friend). And whenever we talked I made sure I batted my eyes at her, and

    kept my eyes a little bit larger than normal (A sign that I wanted her), and she did respond, but this was my boy's

    first experience with this stuff so I wanted him to have fun *which he was having immensely*. I can remember on one

    distinct occasion her asking him about something to do with his food, and he said something along the line of

    "We'll see if I like it", all this time running his eyes all up and down her yabbos. She got this big smirk/grin on

    her face, and said in a giggly voice, do you like what you see? And twirled her swipey around again. yaaaaaaah. Wish

    that was meeeeee. , my friend was also noting her reactions when she was away from us, cuz, at that time I

    was more focused on the food cuz I was hella hungry, he did say she always seemed to have a big smile on her face, a

    lingering smile, right after she'd had an interaction with us. With the other clientele, she was friendly, but

    professional, whereas we seemed to be on the friends level, with him being the friends+. I even heard at one point

    that she was a Church-girl, judging from her interactions from people that were from a young-adult group. And my bro

    and I had made rauncy comedies the theme of the night, just doing goofy impressions and all. She said she wasn't

    really into that type of comedy, but laughed gamely anyway. Now, since I had discovered she was a Churchgirl well, I

    got the instinctive impression she didn't act like this around her normal peers. But hey, spice is the essence of

    life, and everone needs it. Of course I wouldn't recommend wearing none products to Church since there good be,

    complications and a lot of weird looks from the girls and women there. Mainly of the thought, "hey, I'm in Church

    but this guy, is, well, really irresistable for some reason, mm, bet he tastes yummy, wait, I'm in church, I can't

    be thinking like that", sort of way. But yeah, the night ended well, my bro didn't hook up with her, mainly

    respecting the fact she was religious (though I suspect she would have been willing to have some fun), and he has

    since become an ardent believe in the whole mone sub-culture. I gave him all of my gel packs, mainly consisting of

    AE, TE, and one or 2 SOE's and Chikara, and told him which ones to combine for maximum effect, but to also

    experiment and see what works best for him. I told him about Bruce, and the love-scent community, so hopefully he

    will check it out sometime soon. Mahalo nui loa my friends!!

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    Default none

    great report but could use

    some more paragraph breaks, a bit tough to read. Laughing here, I would wear mones to church, if I went to

    There is a cure for electile dysfuntion!!!!

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    Sorry, I wasn't able to keep my

    place in the paragraph. My eye got lost somewhere in the middle a few lines down. But the graphic design kinda

    reminds me of Pink Floyd's "The Wall."
    "I'm just a dirty hornytoad" -Gegogi

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