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    Unhappy How long do uponed phero packets last?

    EDIT: I apologize guys, the title is meant to say: "How long do Unopened phero packets last?"


    guys what is the half life expectancy of pheros from the packets once opened? Specifically for TE because I opened

    it and used less than half last Saturday and haven't used it since then (I went out Monday but forgot to use it

    ). I do have it closed with a paperclip but this obviously ain't air-shot like the bottle caps. I was

    thinking about finally using it today, but if its already to late I rather just put my usual A314+NPA combo.
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    My opinion: as long as they are

    fairly well re-sealed and haven't gotten dried out I'd think they'd be good for at least a week or so. I've used

    some as much as 2 weeks after I first opened them.

    The catch is, I can't tell if the overall effectiveness

    diminished any or not, as I have yet to find a product that gives me overwhelming obvious and consistant results

    where I would have some basis for a comparison test between "fresh opened" and "aged" product.

    In any case the

    stuff shouldn't "go bad" to the point of it giving really negative results (unless it's a high androstenone

    product and you encounter someone who is real sensitive to it, which would probably happen if fresh or old). So I'd

    say go ahead and give it a try and see what happens. Maybe you'll discover thestuff works better for you...
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