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    Default Dosage/combo for a newbie

    Hi guys

    I'm new here, and barely found this website a couple of days ago but I have been trying out pheromones for over a

    year now. It recently that I have been paying more attention into trying to mix them to check out distinct results.

    What I'm hoping you can help me out with is some good sexual combo and dosages for night outs at club/bars or maybe

    even pool parties (day/night) with the following that I have currently:

    -TE (test packet)
    -IH (a lil bit left)

    Now I know this has been asked before and I have been doing my

    research, but I haven't really found enough pertaining to specific age group/weight/etc. So as far as I go, I am

    23yr old, 215lbs (bit fat but I have a good muscle frame so not very noticeable), 6ft tall, and latin if it matters

    lol. Also I heard that sweating affects pheromone, so I do want to let you know I sweat alot especially from my arm

    pits EVEN when using clinical strength deodorant (IT also doesn't help that I live in Arizona lol).

    I'm not

    expecting to find a magic pill or anything. I always put in the grunt work and at this point I don't have much

    trouble going up to girls and talking/flirting to them and socializing with random people. In fact currently every

    night I go out I push myself to open at least 15 girls and will continue to increase the number of opens until it

    becomes second nature (plus I figure the extra number of girls will help me see more of the concrete results from

    particular pheros mixes). I am also fairly good looking so usually every night out at least one girl will open me

    and/or stand close to me giving me signs of interest (this is regardless of whether wearing pheromones or


    So I really only need more of sexual tension help because with alot of the girls I interact with while I

    may be able to get them to laugh or interested in our talk, I am just not sensing/seeing that I am getting enough

    sexual attraction. Of course like I said I'm not expecting for girls to jump on me or anything, but just hoping to

    find a good mix/dosage that may get them to give me more signs of interest or be a bit more engaged. Especially need

    help with the dosages because I've really just been going off more from the amount other people in general have

    posted so Idk if I've been using more/less. So far though I don't think I have OD or at least I haven't noticed

    any negative effects from myself or others.

    I apologize for writing so much but I tried to give you guys as much

    info as possible for you to not have so much trouble helping me out. Hope to hear from you soon!
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    Welcome to the forum MM. The

    first thing that comes to my mind is... what have you tried in the last year that worked? or did not work?

    Personal experimentation usually is the best way to find your ideal product or mix.

    Having said that, at your

    age you probably produce a lot of natural -None, so you might want to be careful with something like NPA which is

    very powerful. AE has some buffering Mones, have you tried that by itself?

    Good Luck!

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    Yes, welcome to the forum.

    In addition to ID's comments I'll add that it depends on your target. Black and hispanic girls prefer higher

    none levels while asian girls prefer lower levels. Caucasions are somewhere in the middle.
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    Oh I love the LATINAS, white,

    and asian girls! Some black too, but only if they have the halle berry complexion lol. Although as far as what I see

    mostly and get to hit on is probably more white and LATINAS though. Also my age preference is from college girls to

    lovely lovely cougars!!

    I can def say that what hasn't work is Pherlure, Instant Shine, Euphoria. maybe

    instant female magic or instant honesty but I didn't feel like I really got to the point with majority of girls

    where this products work (such as the deep conversation/trust part). This sunday at a pool party I tried AE packet

    but I didn't notices anything (used half first then other half later after not noticing anything), but at the same

    time to be fair it was pretty hot and I was sweating buckets so that could have affected it.

    The only 2 that I

    can say for sure have worked is A314 and Turn up the heat.With A314 I got mainly the respect and looked up part,

    which I don't really get from strangers. And TUTH on occasion I've had drastic sexual hits. The others I've tried

    in the past are more on the unsure basis such as Instant Openess, spaceland, ammunition.

    I got the NPA because

    even though I said TUTH worked, it did on very few noticable occassion and I wanted to try something more legit and

    from what I've heard I guess its not as potent as some of the other none pheros at love scent. So far though that

    I've used NPA I've use most 2 dabs (with SOE), which from my understanding is just putting your finger on bottle

    turning it upside down and back real quick adding some pressure then using that as a 'dab'. I don't feel i have

    been od'ing (but then again I've had it only a week) on it just cause I haven't smelled bad that I know of or

    haven't gotten someone telling me that I stink, nor have I gotten headaches or other symptoms.

    I'm going out

    tonight to a packed college mini-club and was thinking of maybe doing the combo: 1 drop A314+ 1 dab NPA, maybe add

    SOE later if I find myself ODing or something. Do you guys think this is a good sexual combo or is there possible

    better/personal favorite from the stuff I currently have? Thanks!

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    In all honesty MM, you're all

    over the place with this. What I'd do is systematically try each Mone on its own, judge the relative merits

    (hits), and move on to mixing from there. If you read the forum and library enough you'll get an idea about the

    general effects of each specific pheromone. You can't expect consistent results with a shotgun approach.

    With a

    little effort you can be very successful, and this is not a precise undertaking. Your chemistry, personality and

    approach is not what others might have. Get a feel for what does what for YOU and you'll be happy.

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    If your refering about my

    girl preference, what can I say? I have a diversified interest lol.

    As for the pheros, well like I said before

    i'm barely just putting interest in mixing them. before I didn't really do it and did that experiment with

    individual ones. Currently I have all those because of the group buy they were having here with SOE+NPA and various

    packets (it was too good to pass lol!)

    The A314 has worked for me for a while so I know how that one affects me

    for sure. The NPA I only tested last week with with SOE because like you said its suppose to be pretty strong and

    its suppose to be an additive anyways, not to be used alone; plus wearing it alone is suppose to make you smell like

    piss right? So therefore I thought NPA+A314 might be a good mix to try for that extra attraction I am looking for,

    and will only add SOE if the mixture seems to be too strong or be having negative effects.

    Yeah thanks I

    appreciate all your help. I def have the patients and determination for this and like I said I myself already put

    in the grunt work and practice for getting the girls; the pheros I'm viewing them just as an extra edge to getting

    that number, that kiss, that date, that one night stand, or even that potential relationship.

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