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Thread: Strange hit!

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    Default Strange hit!

    I'm putting this in

    humor because I got such a good laugh out of it. It really happened yesterday but is only sort of a hit.

    We had

    installed a new network and server in a local spa and I was finishing up some details on the server. It's in a room

    with glass on three sides. While I was working a couple ladies walked by and were looking in so I smiled and waved

    at them, it's good PR.

    A few minutes later a small voice said "Hello" to me. It was a little girl, about five

    years old. I said hello, as I really like kids, and chatted with her for a minute. After I asked her name and told

    her mine she asked me if I was cute. I told her I didn't know. She replied with "My mommy said you were!" Before I

    could think of anything to say she asked if I was married and told me I could marry her mommy if I wanted too.

    About that time, one of the ladies that had walked by before comes in, just in time to hear the last of the

    conversation. It was her little girl and the lady was terribly embarassed while I was very amused.

    Since I am

    married it didn't go any further but was sure a good laugh, if not a great hit.
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    That's too funny. What

    were you wearing at the time? I had a single drop of a314 and 2 sprays of IS on last night. Any time I got close

    to my girlfriends 2 1/2 yr old grandsson he would look at me and say " I fie choo" then let loose with the baby

    haymakers. Is there a product that calms small children?

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