As some may

have noticed, there are some recurring glitches lately. Please accept apologies and thanks for your patience.

Here are a couple of tips that I've found useful:

First, make sure you check the box "Keep me Signed In".

Longer posts will get lost, never to be recovered. Don't lose your hard work. This is true in general, not just

now. If the server logs you off, which it will do automatically if you don't check the box, you lose it. I make

it a habit of copying longer posts if I think I've gone on too long, which regrettably happens too often.

(see this part Perthgurl?)

Second, if you can't log on, keep trying. The Mods try to keep on top of this issue

through the day. This will be fixed hopefully soon.

Third, if you post and click "submit", then get a blank

screen, check the thread first before you re-post. Chances are your post made it through anyway. If you end up

double-posting, no problem, we'll delete the duplicate.

Thanks to all posters for being part of the


Mods: edit/add/remove as you see fit.