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    Default Newbie and hit report

    whats up


    First and foremost thank you to all who have posted about the their journey with mones. I appreciate

    you sharing your experiences with myself and the rest of the forum, I hope my experiences will help and encourage

    others as effectivley.

    A little about myself, im 6'2 185 lbs 24 y/o of a black and puerto rican mix ( actually

    a mut with american indian, dutch, french, and irish...) I gotta lot going on there lol. Anyway im fairly handsome,

    not the best looking not the worst but always describe as very handsome with a boyish charm. I decided to experiment

    with mones to help with my quite tendencies and to help loosen myself up on a regular basis as well as attract

    females. I have to say that at times i dont show enough confidence and it has effected my success with meating new

    women to enjoy. Although once the conversation is broken between new women im one smooth talkin charmer (read, the

    one their mothers warn them about).

    So I recently order



    came tuesday so i will share with you my expierence so far this week.

    Package came right before i went

    to work, i work nights, not really any time to test but.... i put some on anyway. I put on SOE on the wrist, AP-7 on

    the back of neck and on my crotch, i wanted to have some fun, and a few sprays a Chikara (which the scent fits my

    style and me as a person very well). Stopped by kohls to pick up a new belt, the cashier later was very nice and

    kept smiling at me as she was a bit rude to the customers ahead of me I saw that as a great sign. I asked her to cut

    off the tags for me and she went complete out of her way to make sure she did, so i decided to be a little frisky

    and put the belt on in front of her so i lifted the shirt and showed off a bit of six pack to put the belt on and I

    caught her DIHL looking at my crotch and gently rubbing on her breast. She snapped out of it after about 10 seconds

    and she just smiled and I was on my way.

    Stopped by the wawa for my usual, and an elder woman of about 50 walked

    in to pay for gas as I was standing in line. At first she was a bit timid but slowly moved closer to me till i felt

    her standing very close to me and i looked back her and she said in a very low voice "you smell very good" as I

    finished paying and turned to leave it seemed as if everyone including men were staring at me..

    Got to work

    nothing unusual everyone was a bit more chatty and in a better mood as was I. I would say i was def more up beat.


    Nothing special same mix went to work, same as tues.


    Decided to give AP-7 a rest and

    only wore SOE with Chikara, but I brought my PI/m along as i knew i was going to the mall after i got work in the


    Friday (today)

    After getting a haircut I used the SOE on the back of my hands because i have long

    sleaves on and on my neck. I put a dap of PI behind both ears , and split another dab for under my nose and goatee

    and half a drop on my hands.... WOW is all i can say.

    I went to the mall to pick up some shirts from express the

    girls working were more then helpful in picking out the right shirts for me and decided to linger around me (there

    were several men shopping, i was just the one getting the attention) alotta laughs and smiles and flirting.


    gets better...

    Decided to go pick up a new chain at the local jewlery store something conservative i told "Gina"

    who by the way is 34 Italian, fit, cute, and has killer body. I decided to have some fun as no one was in the store

    at the time and try on a few chains, she put the first one on and got a very good wiff of my neck. The second one i

    told her i would do it myself but she insisted and told me to let her do her job and she got up to my and took a

    nice long wiff. i looked down at her (we're close enough to kiss) and she gave me a dirty smile. After finding the

    right chain it was time to pick a pendant out as I was looking for something not gaudy, she gets infront of me and

    bends down right in front of me to open the glass clasing which froced me to step back a bit as she grinded her rear

    right into my crotch. I smirked and said excuse me, she looked back and said dont worry about it and smiled. So we

    chatted it up making small talk as i made fun of her for being discumbobulated, she loved that. I even talked her

    into knocking 40% off the price including a nice savings coupon for the next time i shop. I wanted to get her

    number and set up a date but customers were now in the store so i left.

    Went to Aldo to look at some shoes,

    there was a very pretty Jamaican woman in the store trying some shoes on who looked like she was going to leave when

    i walked in. I walked by her and sat down. I looked over at her holding her purse, complete DIHL. I laughed at went

    about Trying some shoes on. This woman did not leave the store. She kept walking by me and decided to try some

    sunglasses on which happened to be about 4 feet infront of me. This woman had a very gorgeous body and the budunk

    looked so damn delicious. She decides to bend over infront of my face trying to be cute to pick up osme glasses. She

    tried them on for 3 seconds and this time decided to squat and bounce while squatting front of me. I had DIHL lol.

    After i snapped out of it i noticed she was staring back at me and we both just chuckled. As she got up i saw the

    wedding ring on her finger. DAMN!!!!! Oh well. Bought the shoes and decided to leave the mall. Had to walk by

    Jewlery store and to my delightment Gina called me in and handed me her number. She told me not to wait to long to

    use it. I didnt say a word i just grabbed and gave her a little smirk and kept it moving..

    What a day and all

    this happened before noon.

    Tonite i will be going out to the bars and plan on using NPA. Im thinkin im gonna use

    NPA, SOE, a drop or two of PCC, Chikara, and By men by Dolce and Gabbana (which is a discontinued scent that i

    searched very hard for and paid a pretty penny for but it is complete sex in a bottle panty dropper all by itself

    that few know about and even fewer own AND Chikara compliments it extremly well.) I will post tomorrow how it


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    What's Ap-7 ?

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    Must be Alpha 7 (A7)


    like you're having some nice results QDdot. I'd take it easy on the complicated mixes and stick with the single

    product testing. You'll get a much better idea of what does what, or not. Welcome to the forum.

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    Dude, you used everything

    in the arsenal. LOL.

    -The Bat

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    well? how did it go? keep us


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    hey everybody sorry i have been

    away for awhile. Putting in 60+ hours a week lately so not much time for anything although.......

    That weekend i

    went out, the last weekend i was able to go out, was great. I skipped on the PCC but ventured out into the wild

    with my NPA, SOE, Chikara and Yummy cologne.

    Few good hits, alot of conversation, alot of staring, some

    touching some feeling, and i didnt drink anything except water but for some reason my game was on point. the MONES

    maybe? The females were very open to me and at one point after a few dances and a bit sweaty i found myself

    surrounded by 4 females that approached me from behind i was sitting at the bar so i naturally let them slide into

    order and they stayed one ended sitting on my lap another had her arm around my neck and they both kept commenting

    about how great i smelled.

    The only time i have really had a chance to use the mones is stopping into the local

    restraunt bars on my way to work.. soft hits nothing spectacular to report.

    HOWEVER VACATION starting Thursday

    for a trip down to Miami south beach and a cruise to the Bahamas... so gues who's going on Mone testing....this guy

    right here, weill have updates for ya hopefully not a month later

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    How much of the NPA,

    SOE, and Chikara did you use?

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