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    Thumbs up New guy needs help to get more results!

    Hi everyone...

    A few weeks ago, after a lot of reading on the forums, I ordered chikara gel packs and edge

    gel packs (was my first time using pheromones)...

    I didn't get much results from Chikara on it's own

    (smells amazing; seems to put people in a good mood / more friendly).
    I had a few results with TE (I don't like

    the smell).

    I've had the best results when I applied a small ammount of TE and about half a gel pack of

    chikara; it had some very noticable effects on some girls (It also seems to make some guys more nervous when they

    are around me).

    I also had a weird moment with chikara: I was early and there was only one girl sitting in

    the classroom (never talked to her before), moments after I came in she started talking to me like we knew each

    other for months!

    That being said; TE+Chikara definitely turns them on: I'm impressed!

    Combination of both products seems to be working so I need some advice on my next purchase... I was thinking of

    buying Chikara Scented + TE Unscented (or NPA but I'm only 22 so it might be too strong for me; right ?).



    1) Would Chikara Scented + TE UNscented be good or do I need something stronger ? (btw... I'm

    not the alpha-male type)

    2) Anyone else think TE gel packs smells bad ?

    3) Liquid Trust... Is it any

    good ? (I've read that it doesn't last for long and shouldn't be used every day).

    4) Any other

    products/mix you can think of that would be good for me ? (Anything that would help 'break the ice' ?)

    5) I

    live in canada and I used FedEx last time (ended up beign UPS). I didn't have to pay any brokerage fees. Should I

    use UPS again or should I go with USPS ?

    6) Should I expect the bottled version to be more effective/last

    longer ?

    7) Anything else I should know ?

    Thanks for helping!



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    Hi Phil and welcome to the


    It sounds like you hit on a good combo for you. Since it seems to work, don't change it. Yes, TE stinks!

    I've heard it described as many things but the one I liked the most was skunk piss. Be sure to always cover it


    NPA is easy to OD on so I don't usually reccomend it to people. Go with TE unscented and Chikara

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    Agree with Belgareth on all

    counts. The only thing I might try if I were you would be A7. Its little bit of -Rone turns it into a very nice

    product with many uses.

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    At 22 I'd say TE is as much

    -none as you're going to need for the next 15-20 years. I also use the unscented TE and Chikara mix, and it

    definitely works. I also like to add a little A314 to that mix for the -rone effect, but like idesign said getting

    a bottle of A7 would work just as well.

    As far as good ice breaker products go, you can never go wrong with

    Scent of Eros. It smells great and is perfect for putting people at ease.

    I would recommend sticking with the

    Chikara/TE combination for at least a couple of weeks. Get used to what levels of each product work for you, and in

    what situations. TE is great, but it can make your male friends nervous and edgy, which is not good. It's also

    very easy to OD on, so you should learn your limit. For me at age 25, 150 pounds, one little drop of unscented TE

    is my OD limit no matter what I cover it with. It will most likely be different for you.

    Find out what works and

    stick with it for a while.

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    I used 1 gp of C7 and several

    drops of TE for a week and saw results. They were much better than the SOE/A7 disasters.

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