Hi everyone...

A few weeks ago, after a lot of reading on the forums, I ordered chikara gel packs and edge

gel packs (was my first time using pheromones)...

I didn't get much results from Chikara on it's own

(smells amazing; seems to put people in a good mood / more friendly).
I had a few results with TE (I don't like

the smell).

I've had the best results when I applied a small ammount of TE and about half a gel pack of

chikara; it had some very noticable effects on some girls (It also seems to make some guys more nervous when they

are around me).

I also had a weird moment with chikara: I was early and there was only one girl sitting in

the classroom (never talked to her before), moments after I came in she started talking to me like we knew each

other for months!

That being said; TE+Chikara definitely turns them on: I'm impressed!

Combination of both products seems to be working so I need some advice on my next purchase... I was thinking of

buying Chikara Scented + TE Unscented (or NPA but I'm only 22 so it might be too strong for me; right ?).



1) Would Chikara Scented + TE UNscented be good or do I need something stronger ? (btw... I'm

not the alpha-male type)

2) Anyone else think TE gel packs smells bad ?

3) Liquid Trust... Is it any

good ? (I've read that it doesn't last for long and shouldn't be used every day).

4) Any other

products/mix you can think of that would be good for me ? (Anything that would help 'break the ice' ?)

5) I

live in canada and I used FedEx last time (ended up beign UPS). I didn't have to pay any brokerage fees. Should I

use UPS again or should I go with USPS ?

6) Should I expect the bottled version to be more effective/last

longer ?

7) Anything else I should know ?

Thanks for helping!