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    Default Help out this newbie !

    Hi all,

    First the


    I’m a 19 year old male student, 60 kg(132 lbs) and


    I’m from Caucasian descent, my mother is Russian and father is

    Russian as well.

    Most of the time I dress classic, my looks are


    I read a lot of stories regarding pheromones and wanted to see it

    in action myself.

    So 2 week ago I ordered a bottle of Alter Ego. I received

    it a weeks ago and tested it out.

    When I opened it up, it smelled quite nice

    actually(don’t know if I can smell the none or not).

    I have been reading this

    forum for a while and as people said I began with a little amount of it.

    1 drop

    of AE on my neck. The whole day I didn’t really notice anything unusual.


    next day, I applied 2 drops on my neck. About 2 minutes after applying, I


    started laughing, don’t really know why. The whole day I felt a

    boost in my confidence.

    Still at home, I walked to my mother and after 1

    minutes she said that she felt dizzy.

    At school, I noticed that my friends

    started to talk a lot, other than that there was no noticeable change in their attitude.

    However, a female teacher of mine, about 35 years old, walked past my desk and


    to look at a exercise I was making, she stood there for like 2 mins.

    I engaged her in a conversation about the topic, that’s when she leaned very

    close to me and kept on

    accidentally touching me(not that I want to play her or

    anything, I just wanted to see if the pheromones were working).

    My question

    is should I buy a bottle of TE and if so, then what change in attitude would AE+TE


    Also, the bottle of AE I bought, was not from Love-Scent, I bought it on

    some other site, so could it be

    that the bottle is


    Are there any details on the bottle itself which could help me identify

    the original?


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    Welcome to the forum. Sounds like

    you're getting some solid hits, both self hits and "other" hits. The results on ~mones are subtle, like a new shirt

    or hair cut. Go to any legitimate pheromone web site with a forum and the members will point out that it's

    10% mones and 90% you.

    You seem to be getting good hits and at your age, you're probably pumping out ~none a

    component in AE and the major component in TE, mixing them could lead to a ~none OD. If you do get TE go

    light on it. No more that a single spray, or better yet a couple of dabs.
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