Does anyone else use Impi

very much? I'd read through the forums and didn't see very much about it compared to some of the other products

like Edge so on a whim I figured I'd try the Impi blue dot. Glad I did!

I am amazed at how well Impi has

worked for me without using any other products. I've gotten amazing attention from women and more respect from men

with just one spray of it. It makes me feel very uplifted and seems to make women in particular much more

comfortable around me. They approach me and I feel confident enough to really get to know them better. Fantastic

stuff. Not to mention how I really like the smell. The Blue dot reminds me of the stuff my barber uses.


bought the 'Original' Impi and have found that works well to cover with a cologne of my choice. I'm thinking of

trying the Silver Dot next. Impi seems to work well with my chemistry and my personality. It is all about being

congruent with the pheromones you are using after all.