I'm a 6'0'', 165lb, athletic college guy with good enough looks. I just bought Alpha-7

Scented, Scent of Eros, and Liquid Trust. I used it friday night, saturday night, and am wearing it right now, but

no one has said anything to me about it -- not even the horny fat girls across the hall.

I'm trying to

figure out how to wear them, that might be my problem. I definately believe that they work, but I haven't had any

personal experience to verify this belief.

I use Abercrombie Fierce regularly. When applying the Pheremones,

should I put them on underneath or on top of the Fierce? This is what I'm doing right now: I put one good sized

drop of Alpha 7 on my wrist and rub it in to/with my other wrist. I then rub the Scent of Eros around my neck, and

then spray Fierce on top of it, and rub them all in. Then I just give myself a shot of liquid trust to top it off.

Am I applying them wrong?