I wa reading some older posts on SOE and one post by Travis said: \"I\'d like to say something to people who could not make this stuff works. You have to condition yourself that the pheromone you are using is working, the reason why I said this is because if you condition yourself that this stuff is working our body will react to what the brain is telling you and once you escrete your own pheromone it will blend with the synthetic and you will see results. \"

And this got me thinking.
Given that mones influence many physical bodily functions and some psycological(brain function) ones and this seems to happen instantaneously(direct link to the brain or close to it)
Isnt it possible that diss-belief in the mones would cause the body(directed by the brain in the same way as the effects of mones has on the brain) to attempt to counter the mones by producing agents that metabolize or counteract the mones.

I mean if mones affect the brain why cant the brain affect the mones????

Mone application to clothing may be a realy good idea to the hit-less since this would put more of a barrier betweene the mones and the body/brains counter-meassures......

How many of the\"hit-less\" have only tried the mones on skin?????