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    Well I'm new here but

    have lurked some for about a month. I would like to request some help in making a girl more interested in me


    The girl is 28 and we are good friends with a lot in common and have no problem spending time together

    and she is basically my work girlfriend. We hug a lot and spend as much time as possible together at work but though

    she has interest in me on a physical level I would like to try to maybe increase that if possible.

    Well I am 27

    and a naturally large man 6'2" and 268lbs, I am built like a football player but will admit that I'm a fatty. I

    have a very warm personality and I am a very relaxed person but I am also a alpha male. I can be an extremely

    intense person but only when needed and when I play sports, otherwise I am very relaxed quiet and shy. I also lack

    quite a bit in self-confidence but I am really working on that and getting much better.

    I have purchased the SOE

    and NPA combo and would like to have some help on anything else that may help me. Something that works well when

    applied to my chest would be great as we hug a lot and she only comes up to my chest and she usually rest her her

    head and face right in my chest, and we do hold the hug for quite a while also.

    Something to add I have found

    some products that seem to do great with my body chemistry. I wear Old Spice deoderant and routinely get asked what

    cologne I wear and then when I wear St Ives Vanilla something body wash I get tons of compliments about smelling

    good from women, used an ex-girlfriends bodywash just stumbled on that. So if I was to see her and showered right

    before with the St Ives and then added the pheromones would that be the best way to go.

    I know I'm kind of long

    winded but I will thank everyone in advance for your help.

    Thank you.

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    I think girl likes you already.

    She is probably waiting for you to escalate your friendship to a relationship. Apply your Pheromones and go for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chicago View Post
    I think

    girl likes you already. She is probably waiting for you to escalate your friendship to a relationship. Apply your

    Pheromones and go for it.
    Well I'm at my parents doing laundry but forgot to bring my

    pheromones I did use the St Ives Swiss Vanilla body wash though, that I get all the compliments about BTW I don't

    use cologne or body spray. Anyway I plan to escalate some today and see how that goes.

    This is not a hit

    story LOL. Yesterday was the first time I saw her in about 10 days, at work, and we usually talk by text messaging

    every day but while I was on my vacation I only texted her once.

    We both work the MR/DD field and our dinners

    are supplied as a paid dinner well they had fish which I hate and some other stuff she said she had some enchilladas

    in her car her mom made and she would bring them in for me after her break. Well she never took her break and

    forgot about them and so did I. She left work before I did and another co-worker mentioned the enchilladas. Since

    I am sarcastic, and she knows this, I sent a text message asking why she never brought them to me as a joke. Well

    she was very upset not at me but that she forgot to bring them to me. I was so surprised she got so upset and never

    appologized myself but told her it was OK and then my phone died, so she thought I was really mad at her.

    I will

    see her today and I'm sure she will apologize again. I plan to hug her and just hold her a little while and then

    kiss her on top of her head or maybe forhead, which I have never done before, to judge her reaction.

    I didn't

    mention that she just broke up with her boyfriend that she always said she was in love with so I am just trying to

    tread lightly. Trust me I am trying to do more then just have sex with her. I want to have an actual relationship

    with her.

    Thanks for the help. Like I said I would love something to just put me over the top.

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    Hope you have a good time

    time today. Just Wait for ur result.

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    You are her Work

    Buddy. There is a line, do not take to big of a step over it. I'm sorry that this will make you more nrevous, but

    honestly if you go to far you might make things awkward.

    Instead of the kiss, try just talking to her.


    her that you know she just broke up with her long term boyfriend, and you really aren't the type of guy to put

    pressure on her so soon after a relationship. Tell her you are afraid that if you wait some other guy will come

    along and ask her out before you.

    Interesting fact: During courtship non-agressive signals are exchanged,

    between the participants. These include Palm up gestures, softened voices, indirect glances, etc. This in nature is

    a way of "submitting" to the other person.

    Knowing this I, personally, would shy from the NPA for courtship.

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    Well no kiss today Im using my

    instincts and did not feel timing was right. My only opening was while I was driving and she was behind me. I will

    not do anything to escalate relationship till I feel the timing is right. I basically ignored her today we talked

    just a little and I looked her in the eyes and smiled. I was in a great mood so that really had to help my body


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