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    Talking Overdose Experiment

    No, i dont have

    money to burn but i thought it would be a good experiment to OD on purpose. I Have a thread called SOE OD!!!! Check

    that one out.

    I ordered the SOE+NPA combo to start, but since dumping the entire content of the bottle in my

    pants pocket.(SOE OD!!!!) I have to continue my experiment with NPA and gel packs. Today i decided to start with a

    half pack of Chikara, and 4dabs of NPA, and 1/4 of AE, and a 1/2 of SOE. To much?? Then i decided to apply 8 dabs

    of NPA and another 1/2 SOE.

    While leaving my home i passed by my roomate. She stopped and just kept staring

    and smiling at me. She looked like she wanted to say something, but it was just a very strange moment.


    took off and while in the car i added more mones. I wont say where i was, but lets say things got interesting. My

    friends wife kept rubbing up on me, and people kept staring, and smilling at me. One girl stood next to me for

    10mins looking lost. Walking back to my car i stopped next to a group of girls pretending to check my phone. All

    there heads turned to look and smile at me. That was Nice!! looked like something out of a Movie.


    headed to a store where my ex. girlfriend worked. Again adding 8dabs of NPA, a whole pack of AE, 1/2 pack of

    Chikara, 1/2 pack of SOE. Everyhalf hr. i added more NPA+SOE. I stood next to her for a moment. Boy was my ex.

    Happy to see me!! I could see her breathing pattern change, and the excitment in her voice. I walked away to see

    what else would happen and she followed me everywhere i went. Unfortunately, so did alot of the cust.
    I dont

    work here, but I got stuck in a conversation with 4 ladies explaining some basic tips about a product i dont know

    anything about. They looked at me as though everything coming out of my mouth was so awsome. I think i could of

    said S--t, F--k, and they would have been like, WOW!

    My ex's shift was over and she still wouldnt leave my

    side. She stayed in the store for another 1/2hr. I got alot of Attention from the ladies today and was quite Happy

    with the results. No aggression from any guys.

    However the day before. I decided to use 20 dabs of NPA

    with just a Dab of SOE. Big mistake!! First guy i ran into that morning was met with Aggression. You could see it,

    and hear it in his tone. His wife was fine, happy and just kept staring. My Boss and his friend wouldnt talk to me

    and looked really pissed off. I have to say that it also affected my mood as well. I was in an aggrivated frame of

    mind most of the day. I wont do that again.

    Im still going to experiment with the mones daily.

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    If you are working for an

    overdose experiment you should probably work with one product at a time.

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    Yeah Your right. I will try AE


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    Oh, pheromone work very well

    for you. But don't hit on your friend's wife. Just kidding.

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    Even if you're not trying to

    OD, with a mix like that you'll never know what's working or why. Beginners really should use one product at a

    time, you'll mix more intelligently later.

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