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    Lightbulb --» » » Phero-none breakthrough!! « « «--

    Hi everyone!

    Yeah finally some breakthrough in all my years of experimenting with mones!

    While watching a "pickup artist" dvd set they stress us not to get sexual too soon in order to avoid flaking and LRM

    (last minute resistance). So we need to keep out the arousal instead and focus upon build comfort all up

    until you're in the actual location where you want arousal that can escalate into sex.

    As for myself and many

    others the question has been how far can we turn up the heat without od'ing in order to maximize the success rate.

    Well, -none equals arousal, thereby from this something you rather want to avoid in the beginning. Obviously it

    would be handy to carry a -none refreshener for special occasions but generally for first dates and meeting new

    people out is then better to wear whatever else you found working best but with less -none! Basically what they say

    is you can arouse a woman early but it won't make any difference when you call the next day and they're not in

    that aroused state anymore or when they say "stop" just before you thought you were going to get lucky. At this

    point they have a concern programmed deep into their subconscious mind why they went along so strongly so rapidly

    and feel that it was more about the sex than the attachment. On a deeper level they need to feel the comfort that

    we're not just there for the sex, that we'll stay after the sex or at least for them to be in charge of

    that decision. And there it is, the "scientific explanation" to why we should start keep it on the low with the

    -none. These guys have been practically researching this out in the field as well as making studyes of the history

    of human behavioral patterns and can therefore explain the attraction process stage by stage and to me this just

    makes so perfect sense!

    I will still use -none on a general basis but instead of always wondering if 3 or 4

    drops of NPA is good or bad to find the perfect formula and keep getting inconsistent results that keeps me in

    wonder I now KNOW that 2 drops is well enough and even more than enough. Obviously minus one drop for Asians and

    plus one drop for Africans but there it is, a formula worth sticking to!

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    Gfunk whats the name of those

    "pickup artist" dvd set.
    Whole foods gift

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