Warning: Newbie into Pheromones!

Yup, welcome the newbie. I remember and old biology teacher of mine many years ago mentioning to the class that such a pheromone mixture existed and the effects, but it was illegal. I never knew that you can actually get it now.

Yup, I’m another sad guy in his very early 20’s who can’t score. Ha-ha, no I’m kidding but I do have some kind of women problem over here. I never knew that females were attracted to males because of these pheromones. So what? A guy releasing loads of pheromones has sex every 5 minutes while the guy who doesn’t sits in the closet holding a gun to his head? [img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]. I find it quite interesting, but unfortunately for me whatever natural pheromones I have, they aren’t working. Actually they have the opposite effect from attraction, well somewhat. Maybe my body released the other type of pheromones. No wait! That would attract guys right? HAHA! Okay, never mind about the last part but something isn’t right that’s for sure.

As I said I’m in my very early 20’s. Got a car, 2nd year in College, dress well, excellent manners, good looking (or so my mother tells me,…..no, no just kidding he-he), tall, thin, don’t drink or smoke etc. Still when it comes to women, it’s like I just don’t exist. They barely look at me for crying out loud. Conversations really don’t stick, and it’s pretty annoying. After reading more about these pheromones, I wonder if my body releases any at all. So I am interested in trying some of these pheromones in a bottle, or so to speak.

I’m a little confused on which is the right one for me. Now I see some of you are using combos, trying out 2 or more products at once. First of all, wouldn’t that be too strong? Most of these bottles mention a couple drops, some of you put a couple drops but you put it on your forehead, neck, abs, armpits, arms, legs, butt, and other places I don’t want to get into. Now considering how much warnings I see on some websites not to over do it, common sense would indicate that such a person would and should have 25 dates at once! Obviously that is not the case, so I’m questioning the strength of these products at which they are advertised. Now I’m a student, I can’t go and waste money on something that can or can’t work, if I’m not satisfied with the first product I try I’ll probably not bother with getting a second. If the result is good, then of course I’m willing to try others or stick with what I got if it does the job. So what do you guys recommend for me? I want something that will last for a while for the money I’ll spend. I’m not trying any combos at first, its one product or nothing pretty much. I’m not looking into going crazy with girls and scoring every hour, although that would be nice he-he, but be able to finally feel attractive, spend time with women and finally have a normal conversation. From what I’m reading in this forum, these products do just that. So again, what do you recommend?

I read it\'s best to use these products on your clothes instead of your skin because it\'ll last longer. Now that\'s what I read on a website, but I see no one is doing this here. How come? Also some say put a couple drops on your chest, now I\'m wondering how can this attract a woman 5 meters away if I apply the pheramones underneath my clothes? Maybe someone would be kind enough to explain this to me.

Also what’s with all that talk about Asian women needing a different type of pheromone to attract them? Actually there is some talk about Asian women actually being offended if you use a certain pheromone. Hmm, sounds dangerous ha-ha! Well I’m not looking to attract Asian women specifically, sounds a lot of work, the rest will do just fine for me [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img].

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